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Tragic Capsizing at Lake Victoria


A continuous and arduous search and rescue operation is currently underway at the expansive Lake Victoria, following a tragic incident that unfolded on Wednesday. It involves a distressing capsizing event where a boat, laden with eleven individuals, as well as a staggering cargo comprising 100 bags of charcoal, 40 bagsContinue Reading

Media Personality Sharon Barang’a Bids Farewell to TV47


Media personality Sharon Barang’a recently concluded her association with TV47 after an impressive tenure of two years and a few months. Having joined the esteemed television station in 2020, Ms. Barang’a marked the end of her journey with a memorable farewell party organized in her honor. The farewell event wasContinue Reading

State Officers Set for a 14% Salary Increase


A proposal put forth by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission outlines plans to provide state officers, including the President, Cabinet Secretaries, and Members of Parliament (MPs), with a significant salary increase over the next two years. This move aims to alleviate the financial burden they face due to the highContinue Reading

Unraveling the Healing Power and Growth Potential of Rebound Relationships


The notion of rebound relationships often evokes mixed reactions, with some considering them complex or even controversial. However, amidst differing opinions, an intriguing perspective emerges—one that suggests that the concept of “one nail drives another nail” should not be hastily dismissed. In fact, psychology research indicates that rebound relationships canContinue Reading

South Korea Transitions to International Age Calculation System


South Korea, a vibrant nation situated in East Asia, has long been known for its unique approach to age calculation. While its neighboring countries have transitioned to the international system of determining age based on an individual’s actual birth date, South Korea has maintained a distinctive method that has setContinue Reading

Unprecedented Sale of a Minuscule Fashion Marvel for Over $63,000


In an extraordinary display of the intersection between art, fashion, and technology, a minuscule handbag, measuring a mere 657 by 222 by 700 microns (or less than 0.03 inches wide), recently commanded a staggering price of over $63,000 at an online auction held on Wednesday. This diminutive masterpiece, barely discernibleContinue Reading

Woman Vomits Dead Rat, Sparking Panic and Speculation


Ndaragu village in Njoro, Nakuru County, has been engulfed in a state of distress and alarm following a disconcerting occurrence where a middle-aged woman, plagued by illness, expelled a lifeless rat from her body. The incident, which took place on a Wednesday, unraveled when the woman, a mother of four,Continue Reading

Tragic Demise of British Man in Jamaica


Tragically, a gentleman hailing from the United Kingdom, by the name of Timothy Southern, met an untimely demise while bravely attempting a daring feat at a renowned bar in Jamaica. This audacious challenge involved the consumption of all 21 tantalizing cocktails featured on the establishment’s meticulously crafted menu. News reports,Continue Reading