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UK to repatriate refugees and asylum seekers to East Africa.

The United Kingdom now plans to send anyone deemed to be in UK illegally to Rwanda in East Africa. The UK Prime Minister claims the move will set a new international standard for dealing with immigration. The UK and Rwanda signed a formal agreement on April 15th a move set to effectively curb immigration to […]

Patrick Lyoya: Another Innocent Unarmed Black person assassinated by the police.

Patrick Lyoya’s story resonates with the stories of several other Black families whose loved ones have died at the mercy of United States police. While the story of George Floyd is still fresh in our minds and calls to end racism still ongoing, Michigan Police executed yet another unarmed Black person. The video of the […]

Depopulation concerns a major cause of Blaxit and relocation of Blacks to their Motherland.

Covid Pandemic, Racism and high mortality rates of Blacks in British hospitals has sparked depopulation claims, causing most black Britons to contemplate relocating back to Africa and the Caribbean. The rising cost of living as well as an unfair educational system are some of the reason causing a wave of relocation of Blacks to pre-dominantly […]

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