Mr Beast

Acts of Charity have existed as long as the world has been in existence, many celebrities engage in acts of charity and philanthropy, using their fame, wealth, and influence to make a positive impact on various social and humanitarian causes. Mr. Beast a popular YouTuber with over 207 million subscribers on his main channel and over 40 million on affiliate channels has certainly joined that list. Mr. Beast has cut out an image for himself always spending and investing his channel proceeds to acts of charity whether its buying homes for the homeless, purchasing cars for his friends and the less privileged and lately constructing boreholes in Africa.

Mr. Beast has also spent a significant portion of his fortune on YouTube challenges aimed at boosting his subscriber based as well as getting him the much needed AD Revenue. Popular among these challenges include a simulation of popular Netflix series squid game, buying a full house of roses for his girlfriend, buying an Island among others. However, what has drawn attention is his involvement in construction of 52 wells in the East African nation Kenya, over a period of 3 months him and his team built 100 wells in Kenya designated to help the less privileged access clean water consistently. After these acts, he has since urged his followers to donate for similar acts of charity across the world, with revenue from the videos going straight to charity.

Based on data from Statista, Kenya has approximately 20 million active internet users. Mr. Beast has been keen on increasing his subscriber base and as much as his charity acts don’t give him monetary gains in the short term, they do in the long run. He draws his following majorly from the United States of America, and after focusing on this base for years, it was time for him to focus on other bases. Kenyan’s have been known to be very active especially with their presence on social media with popular artists from the US, Tanzania, Nigeria and even South Africa benefiting immensely from their following. Two key strategies which top YouTubers have used to gain following include acts of charity with channels such as ThatWasEpic, BigDawsTV and Mr Beast leading the way, the other strategy has been love and couples where users are largely attracted to couples in love examples of such channels include Ivanita Lomeli, Lucas & Marcus, Whealth by Slaiman among others.

 The acts of Mr. Beast will definitely attract him permanent organic traffic who will for the long term earn him back the same investment made in Kenya. Nevertheless, his goodness of heart can never be ignored, as some YouTubers have enriched themselves from huge following and ended up not giving back on the society.