E-Learning in UAE

Online learning is providing a range of choices and newfound flexibility that has enabled many people to access education from their comfort zones and when suitable. Previously, the traditional learning required that people walk physically into classrooms of these universities and sit-in for lectures. But now over 10,000 UAE students are taking full-time courses via the internet. Many women and girls, formerly discriminated by culture can now access education through their computers, tablets, or even tablets from their kitchens. Besides,…

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Waterfall model

The virtual surgery project

Introduction The virtual surgery project is a code term for a multi-purpose surgery simulation software product that will assist surgeons in practicing basic mastoid surgery through a virtual environment. The product shall render skull CT scans enabling surgeons to study the virtual skull through the removal of bones via virtual burrs. A prototype-driven incremental software development lifecycle model has been adopted for this project. This model is suitable for handling regularly increasing project complexities as well as risks linked with…

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