Norway suffer Email system Cyber-attack with fingers pointed at Moscow

Top Norway Legislative organ a cyberattack on its Email system in August of 2020. Preliminary investigations in the Scandinavian Nation suggest that Russia might have had a hand. Nevertheless, Russia has vehemently denied the allegations referencing it as a “serious and willful provocation.” They also claimed that no evidence had been adduced to that effect. Ms Soreide from Oslo indicated that the security and intelligence services were working together to handle the matter. Authorities found out in September that email…

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IEEE 802.11 WLAN Standard

Wireless Local Area Networks have gained immense popularity over the past decade and are now found in several homes, educational institutions, companies, government institutions and public areas. Enterprises and consumers have been eager to harness the flexibility provided by wireless networks. The IEEE 802.11 standard outlines a wireless local area network that consists of a medium access control protocol as well as three substitute physical medium implementations. The 802.11 IEEE WLAN standard is aimed for use as a physical layer…

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Former Uber chief security officer accused of covering up Hack attack.

Former chief of security at Uber Mr. Joseph Sullivan is facing chargers for allegedly covering hack attack amounting to what prosecutor’s term obstruction of justice. The cover up is said to have happened in 2016 exposing confidential information of approximately 57 million drivers and passengers. Joseph was terminated from Uber in November of 2017 when the company found out about the data breach. The company also admitted to paying $100,000 as ransomware to a group of hackers so they could…

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TikTok could soon be Banned in the United States of America

President Donald Trump on Friday disclosed his plans to Ban TikTok in America. Trump also disclose his plans to order the Chinese based technology company ByteDance to Divest its ownership of TiKTok. In a rejoinder, ByteDance has also responded that its willing to oblige to Trumps calls, as reported by Reuters. Banning of TikTok will simply escalate the trade wars between Beijing and Washington, with politicians around the US fearing that China could exploit the application to spy on US…

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A teenager living on the UK South Coast has been charged among two others over a twitter hack.

Authorities in California USA have filed felony charges against 19-years aged Mason Sheppard. In conjunction with British Authorities, the Bognor Regis property was searched by police on Friday 31st. Two others Nima Fazal 22 from Orlando and a teenager living in Tampa Hillsborough were also charged over the major twitter hack targeting celebrity accounts. The perpetrators are accused of being behind the hijacking of major high-profile twitter accounts in a major Bitcoin Scam. Some of the personalities include President Barack…

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Security via HTTPS

Security through SSL & HTTPS

Hyper text transfer protocols via socket shell layer is the application of secure socket layer and transport layer security to act as a mini layer below the normal hypertext transfer protocol layering. Its encryption and decryption is according to requests by use pages together with the returned pages by the web server. The application of HTTPS offers security against attacks like man in the middle together with eavesdropping. The efficiency of HTTPS can however, be hindered by vague server or…

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Digital certificate

Digital certificates

A digital certificate gives information that is identifying and forging it is hard as it issued and its verification is done by official and trusted agency. What is in the certificate is the name of the holder, a serial number, the certificates holders key copy and expiry dates as well as a digital signature of the certificate issuing authority (CA). The certificate is signed by root certificate digitally that belongs to a certificate authority that is trusted so as to…

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Contrasting the EU and the US privacy regimes

Much of what happens in networks leaves digital fingerprints, thus the reason for privacy issues of users. Since privacy regulations differ according to regions, companies or organizations are not obligated to comply with the regulations of every region but only comply with regulations of the regions they operate in. Even countries that are considered developed and states that have come together such as the United States and the European Union have distinct approaches to privacy in their bid to ensure…

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intrusion of privacy

The invasion of privacy

Privacy intrusion refers to the intrusion of someone’s private life without a valid cause, which grants the right of filing a lawsuit to the one whose privacy has been intruded. In most cases personages of the public are not safeguarded since they are presumably under the public watch thus their activities are termed as news worthy. There are many elements to privacy such that an individual has rights to protection from private matters or solitude intrusion, disclosure to the public…

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Handling of a company’s encryption keys

 Data loss is common news lately, it is also becoming a norm to hear about organizations losing very sensitive data. According to Privacy rights clearinghouse, more than nine hundred data loss incidents were reported publicly between January 2005 and February 2008 which lead to disclosure of sensitive data relating to over two hundred and eighteen people. Equally, strict data privacy and security regulations are also making it so expensive to loss such data, it could be a huge public relations…

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Data Center security

A security policy to combat APT in the data center

Purpose Policy The data center security management team shall maintain an updated list of systems at risk.–At any given point the team in charge of data center security shall be required to have a list of resources at risk including any newly installed components as well as their risk levels. The information technology department which also is in charge of the data center shall always put more concentration in training employees on advanced persistent threats security during training–During regular training…

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2008 Cyber-attack on the United States

The development of United State cyber command was a result of the 2008 Cyber-attack on the United States. This attack was rated as one of the worst breaches of U.S. military computers ever recorded in history.  The attack commenced with the use of USB flash drive infected with malicious code on one of the computers connected to the United States central command. Victim, attacker, and motivation for the attack The United States of America was the victim in the 2008…

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VPN client and Network address translation (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks are a common remote access technique in the world today. They allow internet service providers to give private tunnels via the public cloud to achieve productivity at the same time economize on costs from remote access services. A VPN is simply an extension of an organization’s intranet through a public network establishing a secure link via a private tunnel. A Network Address Translation on the other hand is a networking device that is essentially helpful in providing…

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security 101: The Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Business

What Is Cyber Security? Cybersecurity is the practice of ensuring security for computing systems involving hardware, software as well as networks. Effective cybersecurity minimizes the chances of cyber-attacks as well as shield against possible compromise of networks, systems, and technologies. Cybersecurity necessitates the coordination of efforts across an information system including network security, application security, and information security. Putting in place effective cybersecurity procedures is essentially complex today due to the increase in the number of electronic devices and innovation…

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Information system security

The security of information systems is crucial to the performance of each and every company or organization. It is, therefore, the responsibility of each and every employee to ensure that the laid down procedures for protection and safety of the systems are adhered to with utmost care. Information systems security measures are implemented to ensure that both the integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, and availability of the data stored in the system is not compromised. A balanced approach is used to ensure…

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Byod Policy

BYOD Policy

With the growth of information technology and mobile devices proliferation, company networks are increasingly becoming hard to manage and maintain on a daily basis. Today’s work environment has employees who prefer using their own devices such as tablets and smartphones for work as well as personal activities. According to a report by the Federal communications system in March of 2013, the use of mobile devices has increased dramatically. Bring your own Device is a set up that enables companies to…

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Forensic lab

Free guide to Setting up a forensic laboratory

The need to successfully and professionally carry out forensic analysis of crime incidents has never made more sense than now. This has led to a rise in the need for information regarding the establishment and management of computer forensic laboratories to help facilitated investigations. Construction and establishment of a forensics lab is obviously a sophisticated project. Design considerations include special concern to aspects revolving around environmental health, evidence security, hazardous material, evidence preservation, operational efficiency, as well as budgetary concerns.…

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Security awareness online and Cryptography

Security awareness online How secure aware are you when using your desktop computer online?   Desktop computers offer quite fewer security mechanisms that actually are far much less satisfactory with regard to optimum protection. Desktop computers only offer the operating system security measures such as the firewall and maybe installed antivirus software.  With only the antivirus software and the firewall and not being aware of the security precautions when surfing does not help it places you still at a higher risk…

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