In a striking turn of events resembling a case of “having a taste of your own medicine,” a traditional healer met an unfortunate demise after consuming herbs that he had previously administered to a client. The healer, Kapoya Chiyesu, had provided roots to a woman named Edith Chilanda, who sought his assistance for a swollen leg. However, shortly after ingesting the herbs, Chilanda began experiencing severe vomiting and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Tragically, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

When confronted by villagers regarding the woman’s sudden death, Chiyesu made a fateful decision to consume the same concoction in order to prove its safety. However, just minutes after imbibing the herbal mixture, Chiyesu himself succumbed to its effects.

The incident has left the community stunned and bewildered, with the peculiar circumstances surrounding the deaths generating intense speculation and debate. The tragic outcome serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers associated with traditional healing practices, highlighting the importance of seeking professional medical assistance and adhering to scientifically proven treatments.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the matter to determine the exact cause of these sudden deaths and to ascertain whether any legal action should be taken. Meanwhile, this unfortunate incident stands as a cautionary tale, underscoring the potential risks inherent in traditional healing practices when proper expertise, precautions, and rigorous scientific evaluation are not followed.