In a significant turn of events, MIB Africa, the management label responsible for handling the career of Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy, has made the decision to terminate their contract with the rapper. This action comes in response to serious allegations made by Stevo’s wife, Grace, who has accused the management of subjecting her husband to mistreatment and controlling various aspects of his life.

According to Grace, the management of Stevo’s career has extended their control beyond professional matters, encroaching upon his personal life as well. She asserts that they have taken full control of his social media accounts, leaving him with no freedom to engage with anyone online, including his fans and supporters. Furthermore, she claims that the management also exercises authority over his financial matters, including his earnings from music, with control over his bank accounts and mobile payment services (Mpesa) as well.

Grace expresses her concern that Stevo, known for his quiet and reserved nature, has become a vulnerable target for exploitation by the management. She laments that he is not reaping the benefits he should be receiving from his music career and is left without the means to seek alternative employment. This situation has driven the musician and his wife into a corner, leaving them struggling to meet even their basic needs, such as an adequate food supply.

The termination of the contract between Stevo Simple Boy and MIB Africa signifies a significant development in the ongoing conflict surrounding the artist’s career management. While the specifics of the termination and its consequences are yet to be fully revealed, the decision highlights the gravity of the accusations made by Grace regarding the mistreatment and control exerted by the management.

This controversy brings to the forefront the larger issue of artist management in the music industry, emphasizing the importance of ethical practices and the need for transparency in such relationships. It serves as a reminder of the potential vulnerabilities faced by artists, particularly those who may be more reserved or less assertive, and the necessity for fair treatment, respect, and proper representation within the industry.

As the story unfolds, the music community and fans of Stevo Simple Boy eagerly await further details regarding the resolution of this dispute and hope for a positive outcome for the artist and his wife. In the face of adversity, it is the hope of many that Stevo’s talent and unique voice will prevail, and that steps will be taken to ensure a fair and supportive environment for artists to thrive and flourish in their chosen careers.