Kenya Union of Journalists Condemns Trade CS Moses Kuria’s Attacks on Nation Media Group, Highlights Threat to Media’s Democratic Role

The Kenya Union of Journalists has stepped forward to strongly condemn the recent series of attacks launched by the Trade CS, Moses Kuria, against the Nation Media Group, a prominent media organization in the country. In separate statements issued today, both the Kenya Union of Journalists and the Kenya Editors Guild expressed their deep concerns over the remarks made by the CS, highlighting the grave implications they pose to the vital role played by the media in upholding democracy within the nation.

The Kenya Editors Guild drew attention to a set of remarks attributed to Moses Kuria, the CS for Trade and Industry, which were directed towards the Nation Media Group. Within a tweet, the CS resorted to using inappropriate and offensive language while referring to the journalists associated with the Nation Media Group, actions that are entirely unbecoming of a state officer holding such a high rank.

Further intensifying the situation, during his speech at the Akorino Annual Convention in Embu on Sunday, the CS launched another vehement attack against the media house. He openly questioned the identity of the Nation Media Group, urging them to decide whether they are a newspaper, broadcasting house, media house, or a political party. Such comments not only display a lack of understanding of the diverse roles media organizations play in society but also reflect an alarming disregard for the principles of press freedom and the crucial role of journalism in a democratic society.

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The Kenya Union of Journalists and the Kenya Editors Guild are deeply alarmed by these developments. Both organizations recognize the dangerous implications of such attacks on the media’s independence and ability to function as a crucial check and balance within the country. They firmly believe that the media plays a vital role in facilitating public discourse, holding those in power accountable, and ensuring transparency in governance, making it an indispensable pillar of a thriving democracy.

The condemnation from the Kenya Union of Journalists and the Kenya Editors Guild underscores the urgent need for respect, protection, and support for journalists and media organizations. They call for a commitment from the government and relevant authorities to safeguard press freedom and condemn any attempts to undermine the crucial role played by the media in fostering a democratic society.

It is imperative that stakeholders, including the government, civil society, and the public, rally together to defend and protect the independence of the media from unwarranted attacks. Freedom of the press and the ability of journalists to carry out their duties without fear or intimidation are fundamental pillars of a healthy democracy, and any encroachments on these principles must be unequivocally denounced.

In conclusion, the Kenya Union of Journalists and the Kenya Editors Guild have voiced their strong condemnation of the attacks launched by Trade CS Moses Kuria on the Nation Media Group. They emphasize the need to preserve the vital role of media in the democratic fabric of the country and call for unwavering support for press freedom, ensuring that journalists can operate without fear and continue to hold those in power accountable.

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