Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of its exclusive cooking classes, led by the esteemed Executive Chef, Hilal Kaafarani. With a profound vision to make cooking skills more accessible and enjoyable, Chef Hilal Kaafarani aims to empower participants with the ability to create consistently delicious, healthy, and sustainably sourced meals.

These cooking classes transcend the mere act of following recipes; they are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of food, inspiring them to truly relish the art of cooking. Chef Hilal Kaafarani passionately believes in infusing the kitchen with joy and teaching individuals how to taste and appreciate food on a deeper level. By attending these classes, participants will gain invaluable culinary skills that can be applied to their personal cooking endeavors, as well as potentially fuel their aspirations for a career in the culinary industry.

Gerard Moutou, the General Manager at Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill, wholeheartedly supports this initiative, emphasizing the hotel’s commitment to providing an exceptional experience for all participants. The hotel takes pride in offering outstanding teaching quality through their esteemed culinary team and is thrilled to provide a platform for the local community to enhance their culinary skills. Recognizing the significance of cooking as a vital life skill, Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill is dedicated to imparting transferable skills to both domestic cooks and aspiring professional chefs in Nairobi.

This remarkable endeavor by Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill to share their culinary expertise with the community is a testament to their commitment to enriching the local food culture and fostering a genuine passion for cooking. The hotel eagerly looks forward to welcoming individuals who share their enthusiasm for the culinary arts to embark on this culinary journey, celebrating the joy of cooking together.