Andrew Tate, a self-professed misogynist and social media influencer, has been formally charged with rape, human trafficking, and other offenses, including the formation of an organized crime group for exploiting women. His brother, Tristan Tate, and two associates have also been charged in connection with the allegations, all of whom have denied the charges. In Romania, human trafficking is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of ten years, though this trial is expected to be protracted within the legal justice system.

The indictment issued by the Bucharest court involves seven identified victims. It alleges that the Tate brothers enticed these women with promises of love and marriage, subsequently transporting them to various locations in Romania where they were subjected to constant control and surveillance. According to Romanian prosecutors, the women endured intimidation, coercion into debt, and forced participation in pornography, which was then disseminated on social media platforms.

Andrew Tate gained notoriety as an “influencer” with a substantial following on social media, rising to prominence through reality TV in 2016. He has frequently showcased his opulent lifestyle in videos, even boasting on Twitter about owning 33 cars while trolling Greta Thunberg. In YouTube videos, he openly describes himself as a misogynist and sexist, asserting that it is impossible to be grounded in reality without being sexist.

Having been banned from multiple social media platforms, Tate’s Twitter account was reinstated under Elon Musk’s ownership, despite his prior expulsion for suggesting that women should bear responsibility for being sexually assaulted. Tate’s TikTok videos, which include demeaning statements about women being men’s property and disparaging remarks about women’s driving abilities, have amassed billions of views. He has also expressed a preference for dating 18 or 19-year-old women, explaining that they are young enough for him to “imprint.”

In a now-deleted YouTube video, Tate revealed that one reason for his relocation to Romania was the perceived ease of evading sexual assault charges in the country. He stated that it accounted for approximately 40 percent of his decision to move there.

The charges in Romania follow Tate’s arrest in December, during which he and his brother were held in custody until being placed under house arrest in March. At the time of their arrest, the Tate brothers’ media team issued a statement asserting their belief in the opportunity to prove their innocence and restore their reputations.

According to court documents, Andrew Tate, his brother, and their two associates are accused of organizing a criminal group for the purpose of engaging in human trafficking within Romania during 2021.

During a recent BBC interview, Tate claimed to be a “force for good” acting under the “instruction of God to do good things.”