Ndaragu village in Njoro, Nakuru County, has been engulfed in a state of distress and alarm following a disconcerting occurrence where a middle-aged woman, plagued by illness, expelled a lifeless rat from her body. The incident, which took place on a Wednesday, unraveled when the woman, a mother of four, began experiencing discomfort around midnight, prompting bouts of vomiting.

According to her account, at approximately 3 am, she sensed a peculiar sensation akin to an object lodged in her throat. Acting swiftly, she managed to dislodge the obstruction, subsequently illuminating the surrounding area with a torch. To her utmost astonishment, she discovered the lifeless rodent in the basin. Local residents, including her father and the village elder, gathered at her residence and conveyed their concerns to the media, revealing their suspicions that an individual with whom the woman had openly disagreed may be responsible for this inexplicable incident.

After the incident, the woman returned to bed, unaware of the influx of concerned villagers who flocked to the scene upon her father’s dissemination of the shocking news to the neighbors in the morning. In response to the unsettling event, village elders are planning to convene and perform a ritual as a means of addressing the unsettling circumstances surrounding the incident.

The village of Ndaragu finds itself entrenched in a state of trepidation as this bewildering incident raises numerous questions and concerns. The well-being and safety of the community are at the forefront of everyone’s minds as they grapple with the puzzling nature of this occurrence, striving to comprehend its underlying cause and ensure the security of their fellow villagers.