Azimio Coalition Calls for Resignation of Trade CS Moses Kuria as Edible Oils Scam Unveils Significant Losses

Amidst the unfolding edible oils scam, which is projected to cost the country billions of shillings due to the importation of 125,000 metric tonnes of edible oils, the Azimio coalition is now demanding the immediate resignation of Trade Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria. Recent documents have surfaced linking Kuria to the scandal, further intensifying the controversy.

Citizen TV has obtained documents revealing that there was no legal provision requiring the Treasury CS to waive duty, except for emergency relief goods. Surprisingly, the importation of edible oils was authorized under Kenya Gazette Notice number Vol. CXXIV No. 250, which was erroneously used, as the notice primarily pertained to the drought response initiative rather than the importation of edible oils.

The reason behind the tax authorities’ utilization of the incorrect gazette notice remains unclear.

Additional evidence indicates that the Kenya National Trade Corporation engaged in single-sourcing practices, selecting specific companies to import the oil and subsequently selling it to them, instead of directly importing it from manufacturers in Malaysia or Indonesia.

In response to these revelations, the Azimio coalition issued a statement strongly condemning Kuria, accusing him of using insults as a smokescreen to deflect attention from his own mistakes. They emphasized the need for accountability and called for the appropriate individuals to be held responsible.

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Furthermore, the Azimio coalition has demanded that President William Ruto publicly address the nation regarding his level of awareness of the scandal and outline the actions he intends to take against those implicated.

“Mr. William Ruto must address the country on what he knew about this scam, when he became aware of it, and what measures he plans to implement,” the coalition stated.

As the edible oils scam continues to unravel, the pressure is mounting for Kuria to step down from his position, while President Ruto faces calls to provide transparency and clarity regarding his involvement and planned course of action. The scandal not only threatens substantial financial losses for the country but also underscores the critical importance of accountability and integrity in the management of national affairs.

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