TikTok content creator Pilot Nyako has expressed her regret and offered an apology to media personality Lulu Hassan following a recent incident where she unleashed her anger and lectured the well-known Citizen TV news anchor.

The clash between the two individuals began a few days ago when Lulu, during a TikTok session with Sultana actress Mwanasha Johari, openly questioned who Nyako was. Inquiring, “Ni mshosho?” (meaning “Is she an elderly lady?”), Lulu then swiftly changed the subject, unaware of the impact her remark would have on the content creator.

Feeling insulted and disrespected, Nyako retaliated by posting a TikTok video addressing Lulu’s comment. In the video, she firmly instructed Lulu not to mention her name, emphasizing the geographical disparity between them as she resided in Europe while Lulu was based in Kenya.

Nyako expressed her frustration, stating, “I don’t care about your position; respect people. Don’t address me as if I’m a worthless person. I’m not even worthy of her time. Shosho (elderly lady), yes, I am an elderly lady, and I don’t deny it. So, what’s your problem? I’m older, but am I your mother? I’m not your mother, so mind your own business.”

Continuously asserting her achievements, Nyako claimed to be the only successful Luo woman in Europe, emphasizing her unique status.

However, a few hours later, the content creator took a step back and issued a public apology to the esteemed journalist, Lulu Hassan. Nyako humbly asked her followers and subscribers for forgiveness, acknowledging her reckless behavior and response.

“To all my followers, I deeply apologize for my thoughtless behavior. To my subscribers, I am sincerely sorry for my impulsive reaction. And to the queen of Citizen TV, Lulu Hassan, I reacted in the heat of the moment, and I humbly request those I have hurt with my actions to find it in their hearts to forgive me,” Nyako conveyed, expressing her remorse and seeking redemption for her irrational conduct.