Satire in best in show

The documentary, best in show is centered on owners, trainers and handlers of five dogs who travel to compete in a dog show in Philadelphia. Throughout the show, the actors display elements of satire is elucidated through their quotes. Below are some of the satirical illustrations from the show;

“And to think that in some countries these dogs are eaten.”  – The commentator in the dog show, Larry Miller humorously brings out menippean satire casting judgment on some races that actually eat dogs. Whereas Americans consider dogs as pets that deserve love and care, he finds it ridiculous that some people actually consider dogs as food

“Don’t water the plants, they’re plastic!” – As Gerry and his wife are leaving for the show, the neighbor uses this statement to make fun of Gerry’s situation of being stupid. He makes fun of Gerry’s daftness by using plastic flowers meaning he can be too silly to water plastic plants.

We Are *So* Lucky. We Are *So* Lucky To Have Been Raised Amongst Catalogs Bengtson, (2012). Here, Meg Swan uses this statement to appraise their shopping habits. Their love for spending is as a result of the Swans’ neuroses that prompt them to obsessively buy clothes.

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“How Many Years Ago Did He Poke Me?” –  Before getting married, Cookie was living as a freewheeling single woman who participated in many sexual escapades that she has even forgotten the time when some of them happened. The actor uses the statement to talk about her previous promiscuity.

“God Loves A Terrier!” – Despite being the least experienced, the poorest and the least travelled, Gerry and Cookie’s Terrier wins the competition. They know that they weren’t selected as winners because of whom they are and use the quote to bring out the competition’s fairness.

“I Can’t Dance. I’ve Got Two Left Feet!”  -Literary, Gerry has two left feet. Despite all, he strives to learn how to walk and dance. Here, the show uses satire to make fun of disability, which is a serious issue, but goes ahead to show that even those abled differently can excel in life like everyone else as long as they don’t view their condition as a limitation to success.

“We’re Gonna Be in Philadelphia for 48 Hours. How Many Tea Services Can You Do?” – Stefan struggles to understand Scott’s desire to bring a week’s worth of clothes for a 48 hours trip. This quote contains satire that tries to mock Scott’s act which can be interpreted as greed. This is a reflection of the modern society as greed has made people burdened with accumulating things they actually do not need.

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“I’ll Gouge Your Right Eye out with My Thumb, You Little Freak.” – Max uses this satire to express the anger as a result of his son’s actions luring him to climb down the roof. This signifies the severity of the punishment he would receive if he disobeyed his father’s order.

Hamilton Swan: I remember what I was drinking when I met you. It was a grande espresso.

 Meg Swan: That’s right. And I thought that was really sexy.” – Hamilton throws back on when he first met Meg. He was drinking a grande espresso they later dated and got married. Hamilton uses this form of satire to show his genuineness and love for Meg. The message would be different if he was drinking a beer or any alcoholic drink which would imply that he would have chosen her as a result of bad judgment caused by alcohol.

“- Buck Laughlin: Tell me, do you know the difference between a rectal thermometer and a tongue depressor?

– Leslie’s Nurse: Uh, no.

– Buck Laughlin: Remind me never to come to you for a physical!”

That the nurse doesn’t know the difference between the thermometers Buck asks her to remind hum never to go to her physical again. He uses satire to show the nurse that she incompetent and would never go to her again. This serves as a wakeup call to the nurse to take her job seriously.

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