Yvonne and Eric failed terribly holding brief for Azimio La Umoja in Presidential debate.

Presidential Debate

I hate to be the bearer of bad Nyus, but Yvonne and Eric failed Asimio big time.

The duo flopped in ways only they could.

And the fact that Asimio Wasaredo are heaping praises on Yvonne, for instance, is akin to watoto misa praising the Bishop!

It’s expected much as it is required!

Allow me to paint the real picture, ladies and gentlemen…

For the past 5 years, the Yvonne and Eric of this world have used the media space to literally sing Raila Tibim!

The Njonarists have been nothing more than Kutoeleweka Mburogas echo Chambers.

Yvonne and Eric et al, have painted Ruto as “Mwizi” and Raila Odinga as Saint with the hope this might influence Kenyans to reject Ruto at the ballot!

They are biased to the core!

Then Boom!

As if nature has conspired to reward them, the duo get 90MINS to FINISH OFF their object of hate, one William Ruto!

But what does Yvonne and Eric do?

Well, like the people praising them, they carried shallowness to the national podium.

They went after Ruto’s role and tenure as Deputy President with data from Kutoeleweka Mburogas’ Facebook posts…

In their wisdom or complete lack thereof, Yvonne and Eric chose not to interrogate Ruto’s Plan and resorted to pedestrian Kutoeleweka talk points!

They were so eager to “pin Ruto down” that they failed to do Simple Google Search about their “attack points”.

And boy, it was embarrassing!

Ruto could see through them and, in some cases, gave them leading answers to bait them before handing over the ropes…

The nation was embarrassed on their behalf.

It was so bad KPLC had to literally switch off the lights to save the reporas from the public!

So, just how bad was it?


  1. The Njonarists new nothing more about Kimwarer and Arror dams other than what they had read on The Nairobian tabloid.

They were shocked to learn that Arror and Kimwarer contracts were SIGNED and WITNESSED by Uhuru.

They were surprised to learn that Kenya was currently in court in London for unfairly terminating the contract and is likely to lose 12bn

They had to learn the hard way that the 7bn already paid for Arror and Kimwarer is INSURED by a firm associated with Rais.

All Yvonne and Eric knew, like most of Asimio Wasaredo, was that Ruto looted 63bn meant for Dams.

It was painful watching sweat destroy the make on Yvonne as she got lessons on a subject she thought she’d mastered.

Yvonne Okwara one of the interview panelists
  1. Yvonne and Eric knew nothing about the Muteshi Land other than what they’d read on Citizen Weekly.

They were shocked to learn that the people who sold the land to Ruto are actually in court charged with fraud.

Muteshi land, ladies and gentlemen, is the silver bullet every living musaredo has against Ruto.

It was pitiful seeing them misfire!

  1. Eric and Yvonne didn’t know about Galana Project other than what they’d read on the People Daily rumor mill.

They had to learn that the pilot program actually worked and harvesting done…that the next step required the constitution of a dam because the Tana water wasn’t enough.

The Njonarists were told that Uhuru and Raila chose to waste the time and money on BBI instead of building dams that would have made us food secure.

Yvonne, whose knowledge about the irrigation project starts and ends with “Ruto looted it”, looked like an African elephant in Antarctica…she was helpless to say the least.

  1. The Njonarists knew nothing about the insecurity in Baringo, Samburu, Pokot and Marakwet other than that they were supposed to use it to paint Ruto as one who’s failed to secure his own people

They had to learn that a petty handshake government withdrew 5000 police reservists Ruto had mobilized, leaving the residents exposed to daily attacks.

They had to learn that the reckless and wicked move was done by people who thought they were punishing Ruto.

Yvonne had to learn that Kimwarer and Arror dams were to specifically provide water to the region and end conflict over resources, which is the main cause of insecurity in the region.

  1. The njonarists did know much about the roles and the powers of the Deputy President other than what they heard Atwoli say in Asimio Rallies

They ended up asking Ruto why he failed to do Uhuru’s job. Instead of asking how he plan to be a better president than Uhuru.

It was embarrassing!

Of course William Politely educated the eager duo on the roles of the Deputy President and promised to be a better President than his current boss.

They expected an angry Ruto…or attacks against Uhuru…Ruto chose to explain how he’d expand the tax base, revive Agriculture and empower the criminal justice system through financial autonomy.

When the deflated Eric asked how much was enough…

He was told #EnoughIsEnough

So, instead of “pining Ruto down”, they gave Ruto a platform to clear his name while displaying their shallowness and biases in the process!

And meeen! He did a stellar job.

Hapa mtaani all I hear is..

“kumbe Ruto hakuiba pesa ya dam?”

“Kumbe Ruto hakunyang’anya muteshi shamba”

“who insured the arrow and Kimwarer”

“wapi huyu Ruto wa mahasira”

To sweeten things…

Kenyans ended up knowing that Raila skipped the debate because he feared answering questions about KEMSA Billionaires!

Anyway, my sister Yvonne and brother Eric, don’t beat yourself too much, freedom is coming and you’ll be REAL journalists again!

In the meantime, you can wallow in praises from your own choir!

Credits to Gerald

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