Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes cries foul after United’s terrible loss to Arsenal.

Paul scholes says that Arteta’s conduct on the sidelines while the footage was being reviewed  was annoying, as he said on Premier League Productions: “I didn’t really think of the foul, to be honest.

“That brings into question whether it’s a clear and obvious error, which is the only reason it should go to the VAR.

“It’s a coming together, of course it is. I think Arteta is a disgrace there. He should not be allowed to do that. If you see it again, he actually goes to the crowd to try and influence the referee a little. All the players around them as well. That shouldn’t be allowed but it’s a little bit clumsy from Telles.”

Manchester United won the first leg when the two teams met in 2021 in a controversial 3-2 score line where Manchester United were awarded two penalties both succesfully converted by Christiano Ronaldo. On Saturday afternoon the two mets met yet again in a match largely dominated by Arsenal finding a goal in the second minute, both sides were also awarded a penalty though United’s Bruno Fernandes squandered the chance to draw 2-2 hitting the post before the ball went outside for Goal Kick.  

The Win kept arsenal chances of securing a top four finish alive with five games left to play. They currently seat 2 points ahead of Tottenham having played the same number of games and the latter yet to face Liverpool and Arsenal in the remaining fixtures.

Arsenal currently remain favorites to secure a Champions league position, even as the play West Ham on Sunday, they will then face Leeds, before a derby fixture against Tottenham.

Paul Scholes also lamented United loosing a match that would have kept their Champions League hopes alive, United are currently six points behind Arsenal having played a match more. With the remaining fixtures, their hopes of a top four finish have diminished.

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