Depopulation concerns a major cause of Blaxit and relocation of Blacks to their Motherland.

Covid Pandemic, Racism and high mortality rates of Blacks in British hospitals has sparked depopulation claims, causing most black Britons to contemplate relocating back to Africa and the Caribbean.

The rising cost of living as well as an unfair educational system are some of the reason causing a wave of relocation of Blacks to pre-dominantly African countries. In Britain, the past decade has seen a rise in the number of minority citizens to approximately six percent of the total population. On the other hand, the number of whites has remained virtually static.

A number of blacks now claim that the British Health system is intentionally super- expensive with poor healthcare of Black patients leading to high mortality rates, some even claimed a conspiracy by Government to depopulate Black population. Nigeria and the Caribbean have previously contributed to the highest number of Black immigrants residing in the United Kingdom, though recently Ghana and the US have also contributed significantly to the increase in Black communities residing in the UK.

In the United States for instance, the death of George Floyed at the mercy of a racist cop and the reluctance of the American justice system to harshly punish acts of racism led to some Black families to reconsider their residence in the US, recently African American Justice Ketanji Brown received massive resistance from white democrats in a move that was perceived by many as institutional racism.

IN 1861, more than 15,000 freed and free-born black people in the US and 3,198 African-Caribbean people relocated to Liberia. A number of British and American Blacks have homes in Africa with celebrities such as Akon, Trevor Noah, Naomi Campbell leading the line.

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