European Clubs right to break away to Super League

Super League

A lot has certainly been said over the past few days about the plan by Europe’s top clubs to break away from UEFA to a European Super League where the founding clubs of UEFA will have immunity from being relegated. All arguments seem to point to monetary benefits that these clubs stand to benefit from if their proposals were to see the light of day.

However, the proponents of Super League have received much criticism from sports enthusiasts including former players on such plans which according to many are meant to avoid competition. Nevertheless, almost all the critics have a conflict of interest as they stand to lose if such ideas were to be implemented.

Some who blamed foreign owners for trying to ruin the English Premier League to enrich themselves, forget how these foreign owners have massively invested to better the league. Chelsea and Manchester City have channeled personal funds to improve the quality f the squads and in turn, enhance competition. A number of them including Arsenal’s owner have had to use their personal funds to aid player purchases sometimes not even making any profits at the end of a season.

Why would it be a problem if such owners found a way to increase profits to cut down on losses as well as improve these clubs?. Most players should support the idea of a Super League as they will significantly earn better than they do currently. It would potentially render the UEFA league useless given that the main competition will have been taken away, and perhaps the reason why most former footballers who work as football commentators are out guns blazing to defend their jobs.

As regards to threats by FIFA and UEFA especially on withdrawing the cups already won, it is stupid for anyone to imagine that they can erase history, withdrawing the cups won’t erase the fact that they won those competitions. On banning players who participate in the Super League from National team competitions, we know for a fact that some continents including Africa and Asia, have threatened to break away from FIFA before, this would simply give other countries reason to quit FIFA and even organized a much more fair and competitive World Cup than what exists currently.

There may be a valid argument for those competitive clubs left out, but it’s a matter of rules which are bound to be changed, UEFA themselves have often revised their rules over and over, why would Super League be an exemption. Some clubs may have backed out from the Super League plans, but surely with time, it will become a realization. The debate should be around how to make it better as opposed to shutting it down.

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