Uproar as Australian Man Eats Bat Sandwich in an advert.

Australian Man eats a Bat

A visual advertisement from Australian outdoor equipment company “Boating Fishing Store’ has been viewed more than 300, 000 times on YouTube.  Within the advert, the Caucasian male jokes that the Covid 19 pandemic is a result of someone eating a bat. This part of the entire conspiracy theories that try to explain the origin of Coronavirus.  Despite the fact that the early cases of the virus emanated from a live animal market in Chinese Wuhan city, to date, there has been no tangible evidence of the origins of the virus.

Australian Advertisement standards received numerous complaints about the firm’s summer commercial campaign triggering a process to undertake comprehensive investigations. A spokesperson from Boating Fishing Store told Australian media outlets earlier that the light-hearted marketing campaign underscores that most Australians shall be home this summer and encourages them to explore their own backyard.

“Of course we understand the severity of the pandemic and spread of Covid-19 but it is clear that this ad is framed in the same spirit.”

“Over the years BCF has established a tradition of irreverent campaigns in the spirit of good-natured fun,” the spokesman added. “They will have their detractors and we recognise that.”

Relations between Australia and China disintegrated a year ago to an absolute bottom. The advert could further aggravate the situation. Australia maneuvered a global investigation into the roots of the Covid in April, which a top Chinese ambassador asserted successfully singled out China as the cause.

From that point forward, Australian imports have been under the spotlight while Chinese students and tourists were cautioned against travelling to Australia. In November, China imposed taxes on Australian wine of up to 212%, saying these were provisional anti-dumping measures to stop subsidized imports of Australian wine.

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