Two Kakamega families fight over fatherhood of 17-year-old girl

Two Kakamega families are embroiled in a paternity battle of 17-year-old girl.

The two families from Shinyalu claim that the teenage girl was fathered by their sons with the mother of the contested child remaining silent on the matter.

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The row is dated back to 2002 when the 17-year-old’s mother got married to a man known as Amos, shortly after her lover Stephen died in a road accident.

The family of Stephen said their son had impregnated Eunice the same month he was involved in the fatal accident along Kakamega-Mumias Road.

On the other hand, the family of Amos has disclaimed the accusations statin that Eunice was married to their son with no signs, leave alone pregnancy.

“Eunice got married to Amos when she was pregnant. About three weeks after my son’s death, Eunice’s mother hurriedly married her off to Amos in a bid to completely end ties with our family,” said Martha, the mother of the late Stephen.

Martha claimed that Stephen was 19 and Eunice was aged 17 back in 2002 when the matter began.

She claims that Eunice’s mother Julia, did not want her daughter to be a widow at such a young age thus the hurried marrying off.

“Eunice gave birth barely 8 months later and that proves the baby belonged to my late son. The family has been hostile to me whenever I have attempted to get my granddaughter.

“They are working with police officers to intimidate me. The officers called me to warn that I should leave that matter to rest,” Martha said.

Attempts to get Eunice’s response to the matter proved futile as she ignored phone calls and text messages about the subject.

Julia, the mother of Amos, who married Eunice has dismissed claims by Martha saying the 17-year-old is her blood granddaughter.

“She’s my son’s daughter. We paid for her mother’s dowry. She was born here and underwent all our family and community rituals like shaving here. How then do we let her live?” Julia posed.

Julia challenged Martha and her family to organise for a DNA test to prove their claims, saying the result would disprove their unfounded allegations.

The daughter under dispute indicated that her mother had severally hinted her that Amos was not her real father.

“She has sometimes hinted that my father died and I am living in my step father’s home though I cannot independently prove her claims,” the girl who will attain age of majority in by the end of the year said.

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