TUKO TV’s Lynn Ngugi meets crush Brayo in Nakuru, says he has bright future

  • Brayo Chizi posted on Facebook that he had a crush on Tuko.co.ke TV anchor Lynn Ngugi
  • He hilariously expressed his love, not only for Lynn as a person but her work and said he was ready to pay the dowry
  • Brayo funnily said their livestock at home had been renamed to “mahari ya Lynn” loosely translated to Lynn’s dowry
  • Lynn did not ignore the admiration and asked her fans to endorse the date with Brayo which they did
  • The TUKO TV queen traveled to Nakuru and had a date at a kibandaski with Brayo and talked more about life
  • Brayo revealed his life was not easy having been born in Baringo
  • He also used opportunity to introduce his lover Patricia to Lynn

Most if not all human beings have people that they love yet they can hardly get to them.

Brayo asked for a date with Tuko.co.ke TV reporter Lynn Ngugi and his wish was granted. Photo: Screenshot.

Many Kenyan celebrities during interviews have expressed admiration for US established artistes and actors whom they say they have a crush on.

This was no different for Nakuru based fast rising comedian Brayo Chizi from Nakuru whose immeasurable admiration for TUKO.co.ke TV anchor Lynn Ngugi could not be hidden anymore.

The comedian who is attracting a growing following on YouTube on October 6, 2020 took to social media to hilariously express his admiration and “love” for Lynn as a person and an exemplary journalist.

Brayo opens his heart

He boldly referred to Lynn as his crush and waxed lyrical about the reporter who has touched many lives with her human interest stories that have boosted her organisation’s YouTube subscriptions.

“To my crush Lynn Ngugi. I go by the name Chizide na mimi nakuanga nimekupenda,you are the reason I have sleepless nights. You are the reason I follow Tuko.co.ke just to see your beautiful handwriting,” Brayo said.

He went ahead to say that despite the fact that he did not have enough money to cater for his crush’s needs, they would marry and share her resources now that she had a job.

The two had a sit down and shared a lot about life encouraging one another. Photo: Screenshot.

“I know I don’t have money but don’t worry we will spend your money until the day I get mine, I always fantasise when we sit with you in a bedsitter. I have put my head in your laps and you hold my beards planning the way we will buy a house Runda,” Brayo said.

Here is the full vibe that Brayo hit his crush Lynn with https://web.facebook.com/BrayoChizi163/posts/3371162346311292

Lynn gets into the box

Lynn being a gentle and a humble soul she is responded to Brayo and even urged her supporters to endorse or dismiss the date.

“This young man by the name wants to go for a date with me my people now play like you this post to get 10K likes and 100 shares and see me going to this date.

“Tag your favorite restaurant even if it is a booth. A place we can go and have a great meal and laugh with Brayo. Those who have said I should interview him too, I have heard you. Game for you,” she stated.

Brayo’s wish was finally granted after online fans who supported the date to happen outweighed those that opposed it.

Lynn travels to meet Brayo

A month later, in a video posted on her YouTube Channel Lynn Ngugi travelled to Nakuru to meet Brayo in fulfillment of the date that turned out excellently.

Brayo Chizi disclosed to Lynn that he had a tough childhood having grown up in Baringo, a then marginalised area. Photo: Screenshot.

The TV reporter was amazed to find out that Brayo was shy away from his active Facebook page shortly after embracing.

True to the rules of engagement Lynn and Brayo went to a kibanda and enjoyed a meal of chapatis and greengrams.

Brayo discloses he’s been dating Patricia for 4 years

Brayo also took the opportunity to introduce his lover of four years Patricia to Lynn.

“How did your lover feel after you said you had a crush on me,” Lynn posed.

Brayo responded that Patricia was okay with it because she knew it was just the love for the work the journalist done and nothing about their relationship.

“She also has her crushes like Tecno, only that she has not met them. For me I have met my crush,” Brayo said as Patricia joined in the laughter.

Patricia, also a shy personality confirmed that they had dated for four years acknowledging that she was Lynn’s supporter.

Lynn Ngugi, Brayo Chizi and Patricia having a chat. Photo: Screenshot.

Brayo disclosed he had unsuccessfully tried to get to stand up comedy arenas but never made it in auditions making him to focus on the social media platform.

He said he had given up but Lynn told him to pursue his dream despite how many times he fails.

“Don’t give up because you have been unsuccessful four times. Do what you are inspired to do. The two of you should also hold on to one another and dump the notion that relationships don’t work. When everyone puts their effort and have God at the centre, the relationship will work,” Lynn counseled.

Brayo who also helps netizens to find their perfect matches through his fan page vowed that he would marry Patricia even as Lynn pledged to support their works.

“You have a bright future. Don’t stop doing this. I will support you where I can because social media can impact lives if we choose it to do so,” the Tuko TV queen said.

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