Republicans left disappointed after Wayne County certifies election results

Wayne County GOP members certify Election results
  • Results have since voting protested certification of presidential elections in Michigan and especially Wayne County.
  • An unbiased panel in Michigan on Tuesday night unanimously certified its presidential results.
  • A momentous move after Republican representatives had attempted to temporarily block certification based on stupid unfounded claims of voting irregularities in Detroit.  

There was a tie earlier at 2-2 on whether to certify the results with two Republicans and two republicans on each side. President Elect former vice president Joe Biden won Michigan state by more than 148,000 votes, largely contributed by the massive turn out in Wayne County, where he Edged Donald Trump by over 322,000 votes.

Earlier stalemate to certify the results attracted the attention of the Tweeting President, who praised GOP members within the canvassing board in a series of tweets for what he termed as having the courage. Trump has consistently refused to concede to Joe Biden over what he attempts as an election full of fraud. He has since began an attempt to reverse the American peoples will, through the justice system.

In announcing the decision to certify the election results, the Board also advised Jocelyn Benson the Michigan Secretary of State to undertake an audit within the precincts in Detroit which found a few inconsistencies during their review. Benson praised the decision taken by the county board to reverse itself and proceed to certify the results.

Benson said “It appears that the truth won in this scenario,” she said. “Basically, the evidence was clear: There were no irregularities, there was no evidence of widespread fraud and in fact there were simply minor clerical errors. … I think they did the right thing, they performed their duty and they certified the election for the voters in Wayne County.”

During the meeting, Palmer the Republican chair of board had proposed that the Board proceeds to certify the rest of county’s results, except for Detroit where they believed to have issues. But then, Detroit is largely believed to be a Black City with an 80 percent African American population. Trump’s administration has largely been deemed as racist with Black Americans being on the receiving end of a number of racists injustices.

When Black Americans demonstrated against the killing of George Floyd by the police and there were a few cases of looting and property destructions, Trump was quoted telling the protesters that “When looting starts the shooting starts”, a clear indication that Trump supported acts of violence by police against Black Americans.

Black Americans demonstrated their anger against the president on the Ballot by voting to fire the president and replacing him with Joe Biden. Republicans are unhappy about Detroit because it is an area responsible for Biden’s win in Michigan.

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