List of experts who translated parliament standing orders into Kiswahili

President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to officially launch the usage of Kiswahili Standing orders in Parliament: Senate and the National Assembly.

Nuhu Zuberi Bakari is a renown Kiswahili Radio and TV presenter and scholar. Photo: NTV

This milestone means that Members of Parliament (Senators and National Assembly Members) will be conducting House business in Kiswahili every Thursday.

Kiswahili and English are recognised and both the national and official languages in Kenya’s Constitution of 2020.

Many MPs hardly address the House in Kiswahili and Kenyans are excited to see how things will turn out in future save for Coast-based MPs and few others like Cherangany’s Joshua Kuttuny who passionately speak in Kiswahili.

List of experts who translated Standing Orders to Kiswahili

Below is a list of Kiswahili scholars and experts that translated the Standing Orders from English to Kiswahili.

  1. Prof Mwangi Irigen
  2. Prof Kitula King’ei
  3. Prof Siara Momanyi
  4. Dr Robert Oduori
  5. Dr Miriam Osore
  6. Dr James Michira
  7. Mr Vincent Magugu
  8. Nuhu Zuberi Bakari
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