LeBron James treats his mom to a boat ride: “It’s my turn to return the favour”

Los Angels Lakers basketball star LeBron James treated his mother to a boat ride and could not hide the joy it brought to him.

LeBron James with mother Gloria Marie James. Photo: LeBron James/Facebook.


LeBron is been considered by many as National Basketball Association (NBA) Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in comparison to Michael Jordan.

The basketballer shared photos of himself and his mom embarking from a boat and shared moving excerpts of their interaction.

His mother Gloria James Marie got pregnant with the basketball star when she was only 16 years old.

Making my mom smile

He said seeing his mother smile was the greatest accomplishments of his life.

LeBron James said making his mother smile was his greatest accomplishment in life. Photo: LeBron James/Facebook.

According to the star, his mother had played her part in bringing him up well and it was a time for him to return the favour.

“Seeing you happy and smiling is one biggest accomplishments I’ve ever had in my life! I want to make you so proud every single day!

“You’ve done so much for me beyond what life can offer and it’s my turn to return the favor,” LeBron said.

The basketball star said his mother had raised him up to become a gentleman and kind to others. Photo: LeBron James/Facebook.

LeBron said he was nearly moved to tears when his mother looked at him and said she had enjoyed the time they had spent together.

“Momma Glo looked at me when we got off the boat this evening and said Son I really enjoyed myself, thank you and then smiled! Damn near brought tears to my eyes!,” the basketball star shared on his Facebook page.

You are my angel

He went ahead to narrate the reasons that made him love his mother more and how her joy was automatically his joy.

The bond between the two is visibly unbreakable. Photo: LeBron James/Facebook.

“I love you for simply always being there for me even when it wasn’t in the physical. Pointing me in the right decision, raising me to be a gentleman, being kind to others, and simply knowing the difference between right and wrong! You’re my angle on earth,” LeBron said.

LeBron is the only player in NBA to ever record over 34,000 points, 9,000 rebounds, and 9,000 assists.

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