Blow to BBI as John Seii spills beans on how report was edited

  • Retired Major John Seii said the BBI report was altered to add proposal to create office of prime minister and two deputies
  • The BBI taskforce member said they never asked Kenyans whether they needed the three offices
  • He also dismissed proposal to increase number of MPs in the report saying it was not part of their findings from the people
  • Seii said Kenyans asked for an increment in counties’ funding and creation of Official Opposition Office

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum push backed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga has received a major blow.

John Seii said the report unveiled by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga was altered without the taskforce’s consent. Photo: The Standard.

This is after a member of the Taskforce has come out saying the unveiled draft was edited and spiked with proposals that were not collected from the people.

In an interview with a Kalenjin radio station (Emoo FM) on Thursday, November 5, Rtd Maj John Seii said the final BBI draft shocked him to the core.

The former military man and Nandi Council of Elders Chairman Emeritus said he could not hide from Kenyans that the report was edited to contain the need from a prime minister’s position yet this was not the voice of the people.

BBI taskforce members during one of their meeting the people tours. Photo: PD

At no point during our public views seeking sessions did we ask Kenyans if they needed the office of the prime minister introduced in a new constitution.

He added: “A lot of proposals that we never put in the report were sneaked into the report. We neither asked for reintroduction of two deputy prime ministers positions,” Seii said.

In the interview which he spoke passionately, Seii who is believed to have been proposed by Ruto to join the taskforce said Kenyans did not also seek to increase the number of MPs.

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John Seii speaking to the press in past event. Photo: People Daily

“What majority Kenyans voiced their support for was the enhancement of devolution through channeling of more funds from the central government to the counties,” Seii stated.

He however, clarified that majority Kenyans had supported the proposal to have an official office of the opposition.

“As a taskforce we agreed to include the voice of Kenyans who supported the creation of the Official Opposition office. This proposal, Kenyans said, would address the challenge of winner takes it all,” the retired soldier explained.

According to him, they agreed to include the proposal to create a shadow presidency office in the BBI report.

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