Boni Khalwale buys new bullfighting beast Bruno Likunyu to replace deceased Malinya Pogba

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has added a new bull to his bullfighting squad slightly a month after the death of former reigning champion Malinya Pogba.

Bruno Malinya the new addition to Boni Khalwale’s bullfighting squad. Photo: Boni Khalwale/Twitter

On Thursday, November 26, Khalwale announced that he had made a new signing and expressed optimism that he was back to the sport that has defined him.

“Introducing the latest signing to the Malinya Bull Fighting Arena “Bruno Likunyu”,” Khalwale tweeted with enthusiasm.

Bullfighting is a cultural sport popular among the Isukha and Idakho Luhya sub-clans of Kakamega county.

Khalwale’s love for this culture and sport that earned him the nickname bullfighter has been visible for all to see.

The politician, not only attends the bullfighting contests but rears the beasts which participate in the sport whose popularity he has contributed to.

The new purchase comes few months after Khalwale lost his other bull known as Malinya Pogba.

Bruno Likunyu named after Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes. Photo: Boni Khalwale/Twitter.

He said the animal that had reigned in the sport in Malinya and Khayega areas of Kakamega succumbed to East Coast Fever (ECF) on October 17, 2020.

Malinya Pogba was the reigning champion in December 2016 after beating other challengers in the arena to be crowned champion but wrestling other challengers to be crowned the winner.

Chaos rocked Malinya area when police tried to disperse bullfighting fans who were installing another bull known as Sanchez to take the place of Malinya Pogba.

New kid on the block Bruno Likunyu grazing. Photo: Boni Khalwale/Twitter.

The entry of youthful and muscular Bruno Likunyu gives bullfighting enthusiasts anticipation for a game changer in the local charts.

Khalwale is also a professed football fan whose love for Manchester United is out for all to see, no wonder his trend of naming bulls after the football club’s stars.

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