50 Utawala families in three storey apartment wake up to find their property stolen

  • Nobody heard or saw the thieves entering the apartments or carrying away property
  • The residents said they lost money, mobile phones, TVs and even clothes hanging on the lines
  • They suspect they had been sedated by the thieves and called for police protection
  • A car was stolen from within the apartments about a week ago

At least 50 families in Mihang’o estate in Utawala woke up to shocking scenes after finding all their houses broken in and property stolen.

The residents neither heard nor saw anyone break into their houses and steal the valuables. Photo: Screengrab/NTV

The affected families living in a three storey apartment could not comprehend how the thieves silently broke into their houses and money, electronics, phones among other things were carted away.

“We woke up at 5am but it is something that could have happened at 2am. I found my door open despite having locked them from inside. TVs, money, phones and purses were stolen,” said Jackline Mueni, a victim of the theft.

According to the residents, they did not hear anything and wondered how the thieves made it into their houses.

The thieves also made away with clothes that had been hang on the lines.

Mueni said the thieves left their doors wide open and suspected they had been drugged by the thieves.

The thieves made away with electronics and other valuables. A car was also stolen from the vicinity about a week ago. Photo: Screengrab/NTV

Another woman who lost her TV said that the thieves had stolen a vehicle in the area about a week ago and expressed concern over rising incidents of crime.

“If these people can do this tonight with no one hearing at such hour of the night then we are not safe. Why should people do this to us,” said the woman as she bitterly stared at an abandoned TV mounting bracket.

The number of the suspects is not known.

They reported the matter to Karingita Police Post and demanded for police protection even as they hoped to recover their stolen property.

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