4 easy ways to eliminate stubborn cockroaches from the house

Essie Mugo Cockroach Paste.

It’s not easy to miss a cockroach in a house inhabited by people because of obvious reasons: warmth and availability of food.

Cockroaches love sweets, meats, starch and cheese. Photo: Rentokil.

These insects are a nuisance, not only from their nauseating sight but high chances of contaminating foods and utensils.

Amazing facts about cockroaches

Cockroaches fall in the Blattodea order of insects just like termites and these species are generally hard to completely eliminate by using common insecticides.

At least 30 species out of the approximated 4,600 species of cockroaches are associated with places humans live.

Cockroaches also multiply faster as a female insect can lay averagely 40 eggs at a time.

Female cockroaches carry the egg case with between 30 and 50 eggs until they hatch.

The adult females live up to 200 days and produce between six and eight cases in their lifetime which is averagely approximately between 320 eggs.

Foods loved by cockroaches

Cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers and feed on many organic foods though they love cheese, sweets, meat, starches and garbage.

Perplexingly, cockroaches also consume books, hairs or rotting matter.

This explains why they would easily be found where there is maize flour, chapatis, biscuits, potatoes or even books.

They love books because most book bindings have starch.

How to avoid cockroaches infestation

It is important to seal any food left overs and garbage in containers that the insects cannot penetrate into.

Glass jars with tight lids, or airtight plastic containers are ideal. Always ensure you tightly seal food containers after opening them for use.

Eliminating cockroaches.

A perfect cockroach killer that eliminates all the cockroaches is not easy to find or let’s just say has not been discovered.

However, there are proven affordable items that offer remedy against stubborn cockroaches in homes.

Home made roach killers have saved many people from these lousy insects that could be embarrassing especially when visitors arrive.

The advantage of home remedies is not that they are only affordable and more effective but less harmful to humans and livestock.

Boric Acid Paste

Boric acid has been classified as insecticide but experts say it does not have much risk on human beings and animals

To come up with perfect mixture to eliminate cockroaches, mix boric three teaspoons of boric acid with three teaspoons of sugar and equal amount (3 teaspoons) of water.

Mix the three to form a paste and apply it to the corners of your shelves, wall crevices, cupboards and warm places like beneath the fridge.

These paste dehydrates cockroaches when they eat and lives them for dead.

500gms of boric acid costs about KSh 389 in Kenya and is available in physical and online outlets.

When moving they carry the pastes to their hiding places and nests and increases chances of many more to die.

The results manifest within two weeks after which you can reapply the paste.

Baking Soda Paste

Many homes have baking soda in the kitchens.

Besides its other many uses, baking soda can be used to kill cockroaches.

You only need to mix baking soda, sugar and water in equal amounts to make a paste like we did with boric acid.

Baking soda is a common ingredient in our kitchens.

Apply this paste in shelves, below the sinks and across stove areas or beneath fridges where they love works out perfectly.

Leave the self-made roach killer in shelves, beneath the sink and across the stove areas that cockroaches love.

Two applications in a month should get the job done.

Liquid cleaning soap.

Another easy remedy against cockroaches in your kitchen is the much available liquid soap or just soap.

Just add at least one teaspoon of liquid soap into a small bottle of water and shake until it forms a concentrated solution.

This solution of soap and water kills the roaches when they come in contact with it.

The moment it reaches a cockroach it clogs its pores and makes it difficult for the insect to breath and so it dies eventually.

Cockroach Pastes

In Kenya, for example there are a number of cockroach killing pastes that have registered good results.

One such paste is that produced, packaged and distributed by entrepreneur Esther Mugo after an initial trial worked well for her.

The paste named Essie Mugo Cockroach Paste is also not that risky to humans and animals and you’ll not need to move your household items when applying.

“Having problem with cockroaches in your home, office, restaurant, warehouse? Don’t worry anymore, get Essie mugo cockroach paste and get rid of cockroaches including death-defying, imperishable cockroaches.

“It is in paste form, with no smell, requires no moving of household items and remains effective for almost an year,” Esssie Mugo indicates.

Yu can get this efficient paste by calling the manufacturer on 0770983394 for Orders!

The Paste sells at Ksh 300 for 200gms and ksh 600 for 500gms

The enterprise is located in Nairobi town RNG plaza along Ronald Ngala street second floor stall S10 and they do deliveries countrywide.

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