IT Operations Management Functions

IT Operations Management Functions

The following functions are IT Operations Management Functions

  1. Marketing

Often software services once developed need to be exposed to the market and potential customers informed of the existence of such products. Often IT Operations Management Functions require the expertise and skills to market these products. This is why most IT organizations have marketing departments.

2. Accounting

Within the business, there are several financial transactions that require skills beyond those of an information technology expert thus cannot be handled by IT departments. Filing tax returns, as well as payment of statutory deductions requires persons with trained skills. This is a critical function of IT Operations Management Functions that employs personnel with accounting skills.

  • Research

As the business world evolves, there is need for an IT Operations Management Functions department to focus on research so as to create new market opportunities. IT departments have simple skills on requirements gathering, and perhaps predictive forecasting through business intelligence but do not have the skills to go out to the field give indications on where opportunities exists.

  • Sales

Software products and services once sold yield revenue, IT functions basically handle simple excel sale records which to some extent is not professional and is prone to errors. Management should consider establishing a sales department to specifically handle all aspects of revenue generated from IT functions.

  • Legal

There are so many legal issues in information technology operations and since IT departments do not have that capability to handle these issues, Management should consider hiring a legal expert to provide expert advice with regard to issues of licensing and copyrights or other related issues.

There are also direct and indirect IT Operations Management Functions which are critical to the day to day operations of an IT company not highlighted in this article such as human resources, filing and document management among others.

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