Toshiba ends 35 – year laptop production


Japanese Tech company Toshiba has disposed its stake in Dynabook. This means the company can no longer make laptops or personal computers. Technology company Sharp acquired 80% of Toshiba’s holdings back in 2018 and has now acquired the remaining 20% shares.

Toshiba launched its T11OO in 1985, launched initially in Europe with target sales of 10,000 units annually as reported on Toshiba website.

Toshiba sold close to 17 million laptops in 2011 but saw a reduction by almost 16 million by 2017, perhaps due to the immense competition by other brands. The company halted production of consumer laptops and only focused on supporting hardware for businesses. The company made a huge loss in 2015 and things even got worse when its top management resigned under accusations of overstating profits for a six-year period.

Toshiba ended its operations in UK Based NuGen nuclear business after failing to find a buyer. Demand for consumer laptops has increased over the past years due to the growth of internet technology and as people move their operations, businesses, classes and activities online, there has been a huge demand for laptops which act as a key facilitator to these operations.

With the rising demand, there has also been an increasing demand for sophisticated features making it increasingly hard to compete in the sector. Sharp Corporation is also a Japanese company based in Osaka that focuses on technology equipment. Hopefully, the company can re-invent itself and revive manufacture of consumer laptops.

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