Violent play

Violent Play

Violent plays within the sports world are the physical acts in contact sporting activities beyond the usual contact levels anticipated while at play. Such acts may include deliberate attempts to cause injury to a fellow player or coach. This is a very sensitive topic in the sports world today thus my reason for addressing it. This paper shall showcase the possible causes of violent play, the history of violent play and finally solutions to violent play.

Causes of violent play

Sporting activities come with a magnitude of interest from several stakeholders hence there exists a plethora of violent play causes. Some sporting personalities have been known to provoke fellow performers in a bid to make them frustrated thus engage in unfair play and be punished by officials this always gives them a competitive advantage.

The crowds or sporting spectators also in some cases drive performers into engaging in unfair play, dissatisfied spectators in many cases place some pressure on the performers which also frustrates them so much and drives them into engaging in violent play. In cases where the performer is not winning, the disappointment and frustration also contributes so much towards violent play.  Some performers would settle their scores by violent play against the victims that caused them to loose.

The biggest contributing factor to violent play is the nature of the game, championship matches, derby matches and relegation or qualification determining matches are always filled with much intensity thus performers will always want to win. Such spirit drives them into using unruly ways to try winning thus resulting in cases of violent play. This is also attached to the weight put by result importance.

History of violent play

Acts of violence in play are not new in the world of sports. Cases of blood sports were eminent across the Roman Empire and among the Greek communities. There were massive lose of lives on regular basis especially in ritual sporting events among the Aztecs and Mayas. Early Europe and medieval tournaments were premeditated to provide training for battlefield thus had consequences similar to those in battle grounds.

Research indicates that within the civilization process in North America and Europe, modern sporting events were invented as governed activities as opposed to just physical events in the subsequent eras. When sports became fully structured sports officials forbid certain acts of violent play which were common in the eras that preceded it. Cases of bloodshed became minimal and much focus was on individual control to prohibit physical contact and aggressive impulses expression within the spirit of competition.

Within the present societies acts of violent play have been controlled and regulated. Though still violent play remains a vital issue in sports since its aim is to create tension and not discharging it.

Solutions to violent play

Many proposals have been suggested to curb violent play in sports but then not all of them offer sufficient contribution towards solving it. Solving violent play requires comprehensive feasible mechanisms. First, use of video playback technologies would give huge contributions in assessing and adjudicating cases of unfair play. In many cases the match officials might not see all violent play cases in the field as their attention might only be focused on the ball hence many cases might not be noticed by the people in charge. Use of video technology would provide after match assessment and appropriate punishment.

Tougher penalties such as lifetime bans, penalty tries, red cards and yellow cards should be adopted  against those who engage in violent play, such measures would greatly discourage such acts as players and coaches shall always know what might happen if they engage in violent play. Sports governing agencies should also try to hire several match officials each with a specific function and area of coverage so that the responsibility of spotting such acts will not be left to only the referee and the linesmen.

Sports education and sports governing agencies should also focus on instilling higher fair play ethos in sports performers. This will sensitize performers on the importance and need for fair play when engaging in a sport.

Violent play must then be discouraged at all levels and across all sporting events. The causes of violent play are known and also solutions to avert these causes have been put forward. It now remains the responsibility of all sporting stakeholders to see to it that violent play is eradicated in all fields of sports.


Play-participating in an activity for leisure, as a career or for enjoyment

Violent-using physical force to deliberately hurt someone

Solution-a way of solving a problem or handling a tough situation

Causes –Things that stimulate certain actions, condition or phenomenon

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