Slavery in America

Slavery in the United States started after colonialists first inhabited Virginia and remained there until the US constitution was amended.  From 1640 to around 1865, persons from African countries were enslaved in America. Slavery in America has always a matter that many believe as inhumane, brutal, and atrocious. Some years back slaves were compelled to forget all about being free and the life liberties that Americans at the moment take for granted.  It is clear that slaves did not receive any treatment closer to what human beings deserve.

Slaves were crowded in ships that did not have enough space and obligated to be taken to other nations. Slavery simply can be said as injustice and killer of freedoms people once had. These slaves have dispossessed almost everything and did not even have clothing that they would be comfortable in or have proper food to take. They were at some point even compelled to have different identities due to the brutality of their masters. Their identities were completely altered as well as their living due to the atrocious scenarios obligated to them.

Within America, the slaves had no life even closer to what Americans enjoyed at the time. Their cultures had been disintegrated and even restricted some of their religious beliefs. The fundamental freedoms that slaves were deprived were freedom of speech, peaceful assemblies, religion, and government petition. Many of these people even perished while on transit to America due to the horrific scenes. Most of these slaves were being held by farmers who had achieved political and social power as well as wealth.

Women were also enslaved and raped by their masters. The offspring from such acts also became slaves. Families which were the basic social organization unit were housed, fed, clothed, and given medical attention in a discriminatory manner. Slaves were not considered human beings except in the case of committing crimes. Both men and women had similar labor-intensive tasks until late in the 1840s.

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Slavery in America is history that many would want to forget; the fact that human beings could turn against fellow human beings and use their power to take advantage of the powerless as well as subject them to inhuman and horrific conditions shows that the world back then was quite unpleasant. But then looking back at the strides America has taken in advocating for human rights as well as the acceptance of American blacks as part of the American society, we can only say that the current American society regrets the events of the past and such events cannot be witnessed again at least not in this generation.

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