Mobile App analytics

Mobile App Analytics

As the word continues to witness growth in digital marketing trends, the ancient rules no longer apply to mobile, however, the call for analytics is as critical as ever. Let website trends set your business to the correct path to successful optimization and quality management. Mobile applications was the first none website platform integrated into the Google Analytics suite as a top class citizen; it was however, a solution to the change towards smart devices such as tablets and phones witnessed over the past four years.

Though previously, businessmen had to invent their own ways to track mobile applications, mobile app analytics enables people to track their interactivity within their applications, having an inbuilt application centered data surfaced within reports. Data is awesome, however, the intention of mobile app analytics is to obtain insights so that people can carry out a cause of action. This paper basically focuses on the important concepts of mobile app analytics with the need of education the people that are not aware of its existence as well as encouraging others to take courses in it.

Mobile marketing investments

Sometimes it is cheap to calculate the number of times an application has been downloaded, but then it becomes tough in arriving at what else to measure so as to understand that engagement with customers. Mobile analytics, measures all the crucial mobile measurements across all mobile sites, mobile application platforms as well as the various mobile form factors. This offers a business the urge to ascertain how mobile devices truly contribute to your business.

Measuring what matters

Mobile analytics enables businesses to measure only what is important such as determining accurately how a new application is being downloaded or used so that you can effectively plan for the next version releases. Mobile analytics allows one to measure only what matters in the mobile world as well as know mobile applications usage patterns. The outcome is a true understanding of the mobile application engagement in order for the business to commit itself into data supported decisions.

Carrying out detailed analysis of mobile activity

Through mobile app analytics one could be able to know and make inferences regarding situations such as if android users quit some carts instantly, then it’s upon the owner to determine the cause. The power to interact and explore with digital data in such a comprehensive way and follow analysis patterns to a limitless depth offers marketers and analysts inconceivable power.

Furthermore, the course provides rich marketing and analysis tools such as Google Adsense which allows businesses to advertise through Google search engine, Admob which allows users to use developer sites to advertise their applications, Aps Marketplace this are application download stores such as play store or Ovi store where developers upload apps and users get to purchase or download them, the other aspect is of course analytics. Such tools when used interchangeably, could help a business in promoting its application to users, determine their character as well as know the performance of its advertising and marketing.

Another critical feature is the app revenue models especially for newbies like me, it highlights the various ways under which someone can generate revenue from his or her applications. The firsts model is the paid app downloads, whereby users pay before downloading, we also have the in-app purchases where user pay to use the app facility  for some time from which they can choose to withdraw or extent their subscriptions and lastly the app in paid advertisements. Just like the other analytics models, this also does educates people on how to initiate an analytics measurement plan which factors in five main components such as the business objectives, the tactics and strategies that support such objectives, the main performance indicators, the segments as well as targets for every performance indicator.

After establishing out a measurement plan it is also important to establish a guideline to aid you in gathering data from the app. So as to use Google analytics to gather data, it is important to seek the service of the standard development kit software packages which has the ability of linking up with application programming interfaces. Obviously one also has to have an account with Google analytics. The two tools are available on open source making it so easy to acquire.

To be able to realize maximum potentials of these analytics, one has to put down strategies of attracting new users majorly through adverts that pop up when users access certain mobile sites, it could also be through adverts placed on social media. The more the people download the product, the more efficient app analytics becomes even better is when these users use the app frequently. Through acquisition reports businesses can then know which channels are efficient and which channels under perform.

We also have the aspect of valuable users depending on number of purchases of their use of the app. Segmentation also comes in in distinguishing users according to various categories so as to bring out reports in some way such as drawing similarities or differences. For businesses, this idea is very helpful as one can know where to improve on to elevate some user segment or what should be retained by all segments.

There is the concept of measuring behavior in analytics, to promote effective decision making, reports must be generated to capture certain features. Such reports must also be presented in a way that is easily understandable. In measuring behavior, the business can choose whether to track events or track screens furthermore, the advanced ecommerce tracking system is available. All this allows for one to generate reports data on user behavior and can also be customized to achieve this in a way that best represents the needs of a business.

 After enriching oneself with the fundamental principles of mobile app analytics, the course presents additional content on avenues of increasing revenue through these apps. For instance, helpful information is given on how someone can find out the limits to revenues, how to stimulate and re-engage existing customers as well as new ways of marketing to the existing as well as a new user. This is purely business and in most cases the factor that brings out the differences, choosing to implement an mobile analytics plan without taking advantage of this concept would be living out a crucial area.

A course in mobile app analytics is definitely an investment in the right direction that is obviously going to give back returns. The fact that mobile devices have increased with almost every mature individual possessing one, makes it more appropriate to market through it. Mobile app analytics allows companies to obtain real time data regarding their apps which is helpful for the day to day decision making and growth. Personally, I am greatly indebted to my tutors for imparting such invaluable knowledge to me at a time when every agency seems to turn to technology for solutions.

Through iterating and measuring usage data on apps, businesses can persistently strive towards a good user experience which could in the long run benefit us. In some cases, it could be so easy as detecting an obvious hindrance to monetization however, in some cases sophisticated analysis would be needed to attain such critical insights. Business leaders should therefore feel encouraged to take some time off and obtain skills on such a tool for their greater good as well as for the business.

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