It is okay to date older men?

Women have always had a hard time dating men who are way older than them, even if they are attracted to them, because they are automatically seen as gold diggers. While this may be true, a considerable number of girls feel genuine attraction towards older men, but they are afraid to show it. Everyone has their taste of men but I am addressing young women who have a thing for older guys. I am also in no way supporting dating married men.

It is no secret that with age comes wisdom and dating an older man that you are attracted to, therefore, means that your relationship has a higher chance of surviving longer, compared to when you date a guy your age or slightly older than you due to societal pressure. there are many stereotypes that come with dating older men, one of them being that they only last a few seconds in bed.

This is then used to justify the assumption that the women in these relationships are only there for there for the money, and that they have younger side dudes who provide them with good sex. There are also claims that women who date older men have “daddy issues”. This is true for some ladies but for others, they would still date them even without money involved.

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Perks to dating older men.

Most, if not all, are financially stable

Let us not pretend that we don’t know that many women’s choice are men who are financially stable or at least able to support them financially. This does not only apply to older men but to younger ones as well. Evidently, older men are more financially stable and ready to spend some on you. They will not make fun of you when you borrow them some money and when they also lack they are not ashamed to ask for a little help from you.

They actually care

Older men call whenever possible just to ask how you are doing. They are willing to listen to you and guide you when necessary. Sometimes they even become too much, and you start to wish he would pay a little less attention to you. But this is what women love: attention.

They love to spoil you

Dating an older man is an adventure for many women. They will take you out to have fun whenever they get the chance and are not afraid to spend their money because “you might break up with them every day”. When you are together, they focus on you and you will never feel alone.

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And so much more.

So, next time when someone tries to shame you for dating a man considerably older than you, think about yourself and all the good things that will come your way. Age is just but a number and as long as both of you feel attraction towards each other then you should not be afraid to give it a shot. But, the most important thing is that both of you are CONSENTING ADULTS.

Happy dating!!!.

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