Communication in Business

Communication is the ideal process of conveying a message, sign or signal to an intended party through the use of mutual understanding procedures with an aim for the recipient to interpret and come up with a viable feedback for the intended message. Communication as a process is an important concept within organizational settings, as it facilitates a smooth understanding and creates a cordial relationship among colleagues within an organisation. Business involves the provision of products and services by a firm, organisation, enterprise or even a company to consumers for purposes of gaining profits out of their services or just for the matter of developing their name in their respective environments.

Communication in Business on the other hand may be used to refer to the method of sharing of information between people that are within or outside an organization and is usually performed for commercial purposes of an organization. Business communication is generally tailored at enhancing good rapport among workmates and it is usually used to establish teamwork abilities and trustworthiness within an organisation setting. These business communications aspects can be enhanced through channels such as internet, print media, in the case of advertising, radio, television, and even through word of mouth.

Role of Communication in Business

Communication in business occurs between two or more parties with an aim of exchanging vital business related information. The role of communication in business is essential and their importance’s are discussed below.

Exchange of Information

Communication in business is essential in building rapport and good working environment among parties within an organisation. Communication is mainly exchange of ideas, information and technical know-how among individuals within and out outside the environment they are working in. Through communication business entity can be able to compare, share and exchange ideas and information which are detrimental for the success of the organisation. Without communication, competitiveness in business environment would be minimal, as the various businesses entity will not share information vital for productivity. Communication in business has brought about varies changes in dynamism in organizational activities which are very detrimental in enhancing organisation to meet their target objectives and goals in one aspect on the other.

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Plan and Policies Preparation

Communication in business is essential as it enhances preparing of key plans and policies which are important for the success of the business. Plan and policies can be acquired in an organisation setting through communication. This can be achieved through various departmental levels, whereby the managers in charge creates an open communication forums aimed at sourcing and collecting intelligence information from their employees which are vital for the success of the business.

Through communication, important issues may be shared to the managers who will in turn translate them into organizational plans and policies which will be key in advancing a company’s goals and objectives. More so, organisation’s can gather external intelligence about how the external environment views the organisation’s policies, plans and how they carry their activities. This can be achieved through questionnaire distributions, utilization of suggestion boxes and so on aimed at getting vital feedback about the organisation from the external entities. Communication helps in preparing organizational plans and policies through realistic sourcing of relevant information’s.

Enhances Employee’s Efficiency

Communication in business is essential in improving employee’s moral and workability, which is important for the success of the business. Organizations that have enhanced a smooth communication policy which does not limit managers alone in making key policies for the organisation. This therefore makes the employees to feel part and parcel of the organisation daily running’s, therefore enhances accountability and workability. Integrating communication in technical aspects such as organization objectives, plans, policies, rules and directives are vital for an organisation success. This is because, employees will feel free to communicate their views towards set organizational strategies which will enhance employee’s efficiency.

Problem Solving Avenues

Communication in business is important as it enhances avenues for solving varied problems within an organisation. Through various communication channels, the manager can be able to know and identify various conflicts surrounding the organisation’s internal and external aspects. Through communication, the manager can also be able to know the magnitude and scale of the problem at hand, and therefore, he/she will be able to know which problem solving methods and step will come in handy in solving or mitigating the problem/conflict within the organisation settings. Good managers are those who use communication intelligence in studying and learning about the varied environment in which their organisation stands at, thus making them have the ability to tackle relevant issues surrounding their operations.

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Improves Organizational relations

Organizational relations entail the good rapport among workers, managers and their relationships with other key organizations which are instrumental for their smooth running within the business context. Communication in business has been instrumental in enhancing cordial relationships among various stakeholders within organisation perspectives. This has proven to be a key concept in enhancing profitability and building of markets for these organizations.

Good employee’s-managers relations is essential as it a good working environment which is important for facilitating workability within an organisation, whereas, good organisation-organisation rapport is essential to facilitate exchange of business ideas, business contacts and to some extent business markets which enhances various organisation to meet their target objectives at ease, therefore enhancing favorable competitions.

Marketing of Products and Services

Communication in business is important as it enhances the creation of publicity and marketing of their goods and services, creating awareness in the eye of the publics. Due to the increasing competition of firms in this modern age of business, more organizations have been involved in various communication aspects aimed at enhancing the marketing and creation of publicity of their products and services so as to create awareness thereby increasing their sales in various market places. These marketing communication tools employed by most organizations include advertising of their products and services, offering discounts for goods and services and coming up with marketing team who are responsible for creating awareness and publicity for their products and services.

Negative role of Communication in Business

Despite all the positive tendencies brought about by communication in business, some measures of negativity can be seen in the communication in business, which if not mitigated in time can results to conflicts within the firm. For instance, free communication within a business can enhance unnecessary back biting and utilization of negative attributes to refer to people, which in a greater aspect might result in the development of cold blood within the business which is riskier for the success of the business.

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Communication in business in one aspect or the other can lead to revolt and unnecessary strike within the firm. This is because, free communication within the business can lead to negative talk, which may result in unnecessary misunderstanding between the management and the workers, which may result in conflict resulting in unnecessary go slow, strikes and even riots within a business.

More so, miscommunication within business has proved to be crucial for the success of the business as it has resulted in misunderstanding leading to poor workability which has resulted negatively to the success of the business. Therefore communication within businesses should be encouraged, but measures should be taken to maintain the boundaries in its utilization.

Communication in business is considered to be an important tool which can make or break an organisation. It is therefore important for organisation to prioritize communication in their varied departmental which is aimed at enhancing creation of a teamwork mentality which will enhance workability making the organisation to meets its targeted goals and objectives. Managers in organisation should enhance regular communication among their employees aimed at giving them an opportunity to be able to understand the workability of their organizations in order to be a step ahead in knowing what goes around their organizations.

Therefore, communication in business should be enhanced if an organisation is to remain productive and competitive in the market. This is because communication enhances individuals within an organisation to understand their strength and weakness and therefore maximize on their strength and work on their weaknesses which in turn will result in profitability for the organisation. Good business communication will enhance good business innovation, increase on the company’s sales and marketing and creating avenues for partnership and sourcing for sponsorship, which is beneficial for the success of any organisation in their respective environment.

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