Perfect night to die

I left home that afternoon feeling rather low. I had done many investigative episodes on individuals and corporations that tainted the society. My next mission, seemed like any other day at work. I wore black trousers, tight fitting white t shirts and grey shoes. But there was something strange with my dress code that day. I wore a lean leather jacket that touched my belt. Strangely, I had never worn leather jacket before in my life. I knew something was coming. Something bad.

It was an old warehouse where the dirty deal was to be undertaken. Somehow I tapped on this information from some whispers. I positioned myself behind a staircase armed with my phone and a notepad. Crazy tools, I had selected for work that day. I stayed still as I waited.

After a short while, a black jaguar, a pulled over. Out of it came my target. There was a driver, a young man in his twenties, and from the back seat, a female bodyguard about 23 years of age. That was the first time I saw Liliith, a young woman who would change my life for good. Or rather, end it.

With a majestic figure, she had a smooth, lean face, noticeable nose lying peacefully like a sphinx, and small pair of lips with lipstick matching her blouse. She was wearing a light grey blouse, that  looked like a shade of purple from a distance due to the reflection of the evening sun, well tucked, with two lines of fabric hanging from each side of her shoulder . Below, she wore black pair of trousers that totally displayed her hourglass figure. Lilith was short, about 5’5, though her black heeled stilettos made her look taller. Her beauty was beyond my imagination. But beyond the beauty, lied the beast.

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On the upper floor, The Man walked towards three guys, two of whom were kneeling, their hands tied on their backs. There was some murmurs,  then suddenly The Man instructed Lilith to slit their throats. It was horrifying, but i was kind of used to it. I couldn’t hear the discussion above clearly, I moved a little closer to the staircase, from which I was lying under covered with dust. It was then that the worst happened. The Man was shouting and pouring threats to the men in front of him. As he moved, our eyes met.

I quickly rushed out of the warehouse and ran towards the metallic bar gate. Then, Lilith was unleashed. “Kill him! ” he said.
Lilith caught up with me a few yards away from the warehouse. Held me by the back of my collar. She drew a knife with grey and white handles ready to finish her job. I pleaded with her. “Give me a few minutes, please, please”, as I caught my breath, I forgot my death sentence and started looking at Lilith with desire. I told her that she was lovely. Somehow as I was pleading for my life I hugged her. And man, She smelled like  a fountain of lavender roses.

In a twist of time, we found ourselves kissing. The. She stopped and drew her knife. I begged for my life again. She listened. We kissed again. We were now at a tiny path, between two big rocks, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. It was dark. I was to die. “I want to die in love, make it painless” I told her.  ” I  will stab you on both sides of your ribs, you will die bleeding. That’s how I work” She replied. “Okay, just cut my biggest vein. I will bleed to death” I begged offering her my right hand. A few moments after, I took off her clothes, my adrenaline was rushing. 

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I knocked on the gates of her city. She jumped and paused. Her passage was narrow. I promised to be gentle. She sang songs of songs. We both forgot our mission. I was to die. In her hands. Lilith felt reborn. She wanted more. I knew a cottage owned by my associate. It was a simple mud walled house, with nice finishings of mixed white clay and cow dung. This used to be our camp at times.

She pushed me in the bed and within a short time, i was on the gates again, this time fully welcomed. She started chanting again. I had to kiss her to stop her from drawing attention of anyone out there who might be close. “Yes.. Yes! This is how a woman must be treated”

She said chanting. All this time I was afraid she would pull out her knife and finish me. At some point I felt dizzy. She came, touched my chin and asked if I was okay. I was. Well, I wasn’t. I asked her what would happen if I got her pregnant. She smiled and said, “I will keep it”
“he will be a genius” I thought. And smiled

It was around nine o’clock Friday night. Lil told me that she wasn’t going home. She had left her luggage in her hotel room that day, which included her keys.

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We laid naked in silence facing the roof wondering what would happen to me.

“Now, what will happen to me? I asked with my eyes glued on the roof.

She paused and smiled looking at me…

” Well, you will die on Saturday night”

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