Criticisms to the 13th amendment

13th amendment

The United States can in no way represent itself as the home of the brave and the land of the free given the high number of prisoners globally, with most of this prisoners being slaves from other countries. On the face of it, the writings may persuade one into believing that it is indeed a home for the brave and land of the free, but their actions and unwillingness to implement these amendment speaks differently.

There was unwillingness by the American people mostly the leadership to implement this amendment given the benefits they had gained from slavery. Of course there is a huge conflict, one cannot purport to discourage slavery yet again allow it as a form of punishment, the justice system had its own challenges, and this here was a huge loophole in allowing the powerful to practice slavery again. Those under punishment too had rights and slavery completely deprived them off such rights.

Minor crimes would be punished while others incriminated just to make them slaves. The 13th amendment led to the illegal constitutional order being made into law by congress which in the end targeted African Americans in convictions. It is obvious that African Americans have the biggest conviction rate across the United States making the amendment an indirect target to the same African Americans.

Furthermore, slave trade continued even in prisons where prisoners would be traded or sold to big farms, to work without pay and under tough conditions. The 13th Amendment should have prohibited slavery in all its natures if it was truly an honest attempt to end slavery and create a home of the brave and land of the free.  Given that the universal declaration of human rights advocates for no one to be subjected to torture, degrading, cruel or inhuman punishment. The 13th amendment must be reformed to remove its conflicts with the federal constitutions in an attempt to fully abolish slavery.

In addition, the universal declaration also violates the declaration of humanity where it argues that slavery that slavery should be abolished anywhere subject to the United States jurisdiction.  The amendment should ideally abolish slave trade in every nature, it should even disallow it in prisons and allow a fair treatment of convicted persons serving terms in various prisons. The implementation of the amendment should also be honest and steadfast rather to the leadership just ratifying it then being skeptical in its implementation.

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