Chinas the three warfare’s

In pursuing its political goals China identified the inadequate effectiveness of nuclear and conventional military force. Hence China prepared a new strategy which they named “the three warfare’s” which involved the psychological, media, and legal.  Through this new strategy, china utilizes new military technology that has never been used or considered in the past by the western country.

Victim, attacker, and motivation for the attack

In the “the three warfare’s” the victim was identified to be the western country and in particular the United State of America and its supporters such as Japan and the Philippines. The attacker behind the three warfare’s was China. China wanted to drive the United States of America out of the control of Asia and in control of the Asia Sea and coast.  China narrated that the United States of America and the military does not have the capacity to deal with the non-kinetic warfare tactics and that the U.S military academy does not prepare its soldiers with the ability to deal with such warfare. The Chinese are motivated by the goal to limit the United States of America surveillance operations by harassment of ships and aircraft and further be able to restrict deployment of the U.S. Navy to that particular region. China is also aiming at using the psychological warfare to demoralize, discourage, and even oppress their opponent country as well as the civilian population hence disabling the opponent from fighting with them.

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It is also reported that China had employed the use of the Three Warfare’s to many of its dispute an example of such dispute is the risky encounter between Chinese and the U.S. warships and the encounter of the mid-air collision between the Chinese jet and the U.S. surveillance plane this and many more example lead to aggressiveness in various of China in the east and south china sea.

Nature and sophistication of the attack

In this war, the Chinese strategists involved the use of psychological, media, and legal which were long-term strategies. These strategies involved the use of Non-violent mitigation to provide solutions for an existing problem such strategies included media manipulation, intimidation,  financial attacks, information isolation, economic sanctions, and network attacks were all tactics that could be employed. The strategy also is known to include the use of diplomatic pressure, harassment to express displeasure, rumor, false narratives, and convey threats.

The use of these strategies by china provided a threat to the U.S and limited the U.S military powers in this particular region through determining the operations that disrupt ties between south china seas littoral states and the U.S. Hence preventing U.S military from accessing and providing basing facilities and other facilities. China’s high-technology arms, such as anti-satellite missiles and cyber warfare have high capacities and are arms intended to thwart the U.S. military from entering the region or operating freely there. As it was letter termed that the pen had more power than the sword, a similar projection was also placed on the three warfare’s. It was indicated that this tactic would enable China to expand its territorial and maritime boundaries better through these tactics rather than any missile or aircraft carriers owned.

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Desired outcome of the attack

China had waged a war with the U.S to find a way of pushing them out of south china.  However the tactic used in this war was non- violent war in which they aimed at exposing the U.S military as being incapable of solving the problems rising the south and east china sea. China had indicated that the lethal warfare approach was not applicable hence they developed three-division strategies to counter the presence of the U.S in this particular region. China aimed at finding a non-lethal solution to ever occurring conflict and to advance its own territory in the seas especially south and eastwards.

Success of attack

China had indicated the non-applicability of nuclear weapons in solving conflicts. Therefore, the change towards the use of Three Warfare’s was formed based on this argument. The main aim of the tactic was to enable china to acquire more resources, expand its territory, and increase the influence of China. The use of this tactic has seen the U.S who was the main target change the way it faces the challenge particularly in the south and east china.

Effectiveness of the attackers in covering their tracks

In this particular war between China and the U.S. the war track was not necessary to cover since china could openly claim certain issues with aim of undermining their authority in the region and sea area.

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Victim response

The U.S. military strategy had to change from the industrial age to the information age with the implementation of the three warfare’s by the Chinese.  The war found Americans an off guard position and they had to find a way to cope up with the new development. However, Americans have ignored the war and have not developed any countervailing strategy to try to mitigate the problem.

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