Kenyan Coronavirus trends depict a worsening situation

Corona Virus

The government may soon be reporting over 100 cases of new Corona infections and enforcing more stringent actions if urgent measures are not taken. Cases have been on the increase with 80 cases being reported in a single day the highest so far. Areas previously considered as hotspots which include Eastleigh have shown positive improvements. Nevertheless, estates that were safe before are turning out as hotspots with areas such as Kibra reporting over 20 cases within two days. In a country currently affected by logistical challenges including testing of persons for Corona and reaching out and sensitizing the public on precautionary measures, it remains very much a delicate situation.

In some areas citizens have been forced out by pressures of the cost of living. Some people have also taken a relaxed approach to the pandemic based on further compromising their health. The government seems to be doing enough at the moment but its efforts can only be effective if citizens are cooperative. Social distancing for instance around bus terminals is a major challenge as stakeholders in the area try to convince passengers to board their buses and even during alighting. Poverty is also a challenge even as people who would otherwise be willing to remain indoors cannot do so, circumstances force them to go out and fend for their families.

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