Jerusalem City of Conflict


The connection of Judaism to Jerusalem and the modern state of Israel is a powerful and ancient one. Through Judaism, Jerusalem was made a holy city some years ago a period in which Jews have always remained dedicated to it. Most Jews pray facing Jerusalem and even mention it within their prayers. Furthermore, Jerusalem has an eminent role historically as the sole Jewish state Capital, Israel is the only country that has a Jewish majority. It thus symbolizes the purest expression of everything that Jews prayed for, died for, and cried for.

Israel and Jerusalem hold a unique status to Judaism, from the times of King David to the times when Jesus died and rose again, Jerusalem has been the epitome of Judaism consciousness. Jerusalem is the lord’s mountain the foundation of Judaism. Mishnah stipulates that divine presence still exists on the Western Wall. Jerusalem for Judaism is not only a city with holy places, not is it only a spiritual city for Christians but an earthly city that is considered holy.

Jerusalem signifies national and spiritual revival. Through millennia, Jews in Jerusalem and Israel lived in exceptional piety. Historically, it also represents the existence of a city and nation that has been massacred, hunted, and humiliated but never wavered in the promise of its restoration ultimately. Jerusalem has over the years become a name of hope and the local habitation for Judaism and its continuity.

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