Grand Mullah Deconstructs Atwoli

Ahmed Nassir

The Grand Mullah, senior counsel Ahmed Nassir reduced COTU Secretary-General to almost nothing when he appeared on popular JKLive TV show on 20th May 2020 being interviewed by Jeff Koinange. The Name Atwoli emerged when Jeff possed a question to Mullah, Earlier on I was asking you about people like David Murathe, Francis Atwoli advising the president.

Mullah said

“  But let me ask you what advice can Atwoli give to the president, Atwoli is barely literate, what advice can he give to a president, I know he is one of your good customers when he comes to your show, what advice can he give to a president maybe crack jokes”,

He went ahead to tell Jeff not to insult the intelligence of Kenyans.

He goes around peddling rumors as advice and is unfortunate, calling it the tragedy of Kenyans, where a trade unionist rather than helping workers of this country is Fighting William Ruto.

Later on, in the show, Atwoli send a reply

“Trade union is a pressure group, supposed to act as an alternative to national guidance and that is what COTU does” to the show to which Mullah replied, “

poor guy he doesn’t know what he is talking about does he?”.

It was interesting when Mullah also termed KANU as belonging to Nick Salat and a one show party probably assisted by a panel.

Here is a preview of the entire interview

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