Funny Kalenjin Comedian teaches the public the functions of a Gear stick in a car.

Kalenjin Comedian Tula Chemoget on 6th of May, shared a funny video of what according to him were the various functions of the gear stick. the video was meant to educate those who have bought new automatic cars and do not know how to drive.

Below are the various functions according to him;

P-Used when carrying passengers and accelerate

R-Resting for instance if you coming from Marakwet heading to Eldoret, on reaching Singore you want to rest, just change to R and accelerate.

N-For driving at night especially when trying to beat curfew hours, change to N and accelerate

D-When driving during the day, change to D and accelerate.

2-For people who attended University and got 2nd Class lower and Upper, Change to 2 and accelerate.

1-People who went to university and got 1st Class or have Masters, Change to 1 and accelerate.

He warns those who never went to university and might be tempted to use 2 or 1, that this will result to damages on their vehicles.

He encourages people to abide by his teaching and advises them to drive safe and stay home.

Below is a link to the video:

Tula inside an Automatic Vehicle 🤣

Posted by Tula Chemoget on Wednesday, May 6, 2020