October 26, 2021


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3/5. Character Nairobi drew His Name from Africa.

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Nairobi played by Alba Flores, drew his character name from the Capital City of Kenya Nairobi. It’s also a reason why most Kenyans are attracted to the TV Show as they feel they have something they can relate to. Nairobi was shot in a tragic scene in season 4. In the earlier episodes, audiences can predict the fate of Nairobi, first, detective Alicia had used her son to entice her towards some open window at the Bank of Spain, leaving her vulnerable to a clear gunshot.

Furthermore, it was through the approach on the window that Nairobi was shot by a sniper, given the hostage situation and the environment at the time, the efforts of the gang to save her were futile and she called it a day at Money Heist as her role came to an end.

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