Use of Technology helping China curb Corona Virus spread.

Sophisticated technology is coming in handy in China with the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. Though it evokes privacy concerns, the current crisis has forced concerned parties to shelved such concerns in a bid to arrest the spread of the deadly virus.

In Zhenghou for instance, AI Cameras have been placed in subway gates, together with infrared temperature scanners, this is helping authorities detect possible infected persons. The biggest benefit is that no one has to seat and monitor, the system scans and raises alarms whenever it detects a potential patient. such technologies however, come with massive investment cost that may make it hard for most nations to adopt.

The Challenge with Corona virus has been tracking movement of infected persons, with this technology it gives real time video travel history allowing authorities to track and quarantine all those that might have interacted with a patient.

Facial recognition comprises a number of biometric security features that are critical for identification, going forward, this could be adopted and applied to other sectors as a means of identification, it could mark an end to carrying of physical identification documents, debit and credit cards. As the world unites in fighting Covid-19, it remains to be seen whether other countries will adopt such technologies.

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