The Verdict

The legal system seems to produce two types of lawyers, bad lawyers and good ones. As I always thought there is a lot of foul play in the legal system and smart and cruel lawyers always have their success in court disregarding real justice. It is important for a defense team to always safeguard his resources and only disclose his strategies to trustworthy person to avoid leaking such resources to the opponents. The legal system should also find a way to prevent lawyers from manufacturing evidence that are far from the truth as it leads to injustices.

 The love for money drives lawyers into injustices while pleasing some clients, it is unfair to parties that loose unfairly. The fact that lawyers go to extremes to achieve their way just signifies how the legal system is rotten. Keeping away all forces against truth so as to win is not justice. People usually go to the courts to seek justice but if justice cannot be attained through the legal systems then it is bound to create impunity.

From a different perspective the verdict reveals the tough decisions lawyers must make in line of their careers and if morals are really a thing to go by in law. People study various professions for various reasons but mainly to obtain financial benefits, and sometimes lawyers have to find themselves in tricky situations that even go against what they stand for. But if everybody avoided cases that challenge moral standings then at some point even the justly would find themselves behind bars still.

It is also funny to notice that some members of the jury are easily manipulated and convinced by smart lawyers. Members of the jury should be people of high integrity and skill power to avoid being victims of lawyer’s manipulative ways.

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