The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

Many businesses struggled to gain competitive advantages over their competitors. Businesses that established formidable and competitive advantage succeeded. Competition basically revolved around advantage. The objective of information technology was competitiveness; offered a rich resource for the establishment, sustaining and creation of a competitive advantage for a business. Expense reduction, quick decision making and better productivity are some examples of the broader objective. All this could only be achieved through a strong information technology strategy.

            Information technology strategies are detailed frameworks used by professionals in IT management in spearheading their organizations. Information technology strategies should address all aspects of technology management such as customer management, software management, risk management, and management of costs. Implementing information technology strategies needs formidable leadership and collaboration. Through strategies used in war, the book the art of war by Sun Tzu offered a rich source of strategies that applicable to information technology.


            Information technology strategies contributed to the success of a company. Adoption of ideas such as critical success aspects, scenario analysis, core competencies, value chain analysis, and strategic intent, better places a company for maximum leverage. Modern times call for IT strategies that are better than previous command and control driven and based on team strategies where strategists are enrolled, engaged and innovative.

            Information technology strategies offers the needed mark to enable a business develop more formidable solutions for its customers while concurrently retaining harmony within its efforts. Staffs operating within an empowered setting need some guiding framework. The strategy factors in a point of central reference for purposes of guidelines. The growth of digital businesses projects information technology strategies for competitive advantage a must have. Despite the fact that information technology have within the past years grown to be faster, cheaper and adequately functioning, the systems that come up from the consumers side have not been any better. Thus there is need for more advanced and better IT strategies.

            The methods presented in the art of war are far much more powerful and adopting them would bring about confidence of persistent success in the future. They are not simply good or fortune incidences but rather an indication of challenging, stimulating and thrilling scrutiny derived from thoughtful planning. The author of the book supports this by eluding that huge strategies overpower small strategies, hence the ones with no strategy cannot and shall be defeated providing a platform for competition within the dynamic information technology universe.


            Going by Sun Tzu the moment your strategy is extensive and far reaching, then you achieve success so you can triumph before you even begin hence the vision and strategic intention of an information technology ought to enable companies triumph everyday within the market place, with all clients and with all purchases. Relocating assets of information technology shall empower the staff of a business in a manner that they can always please and delight its customers. Via unique admiration of the importance of information technology, it shall project IT to a situation where it begins to compellingly and lastly add to the sustainable and provisional competitive advantage within the business. In such a way information technology shall also enable a business make an impression regarding the marketplace attitude and triumph over its competitors.

            The book also demonstrates that strategy is a matter of coordination and not the masses. The idea of success is not the amount of resources adopted but rather the way in which they are adopted. Similarly information technology strategies must strive to implement and coordinate diligently their resources and not just seek to employ superior technologies. The business overall goals are fundamental, the other agendas come secondary. Every information technology strategy must be implemented with the basis of the overall business success. The other idea from the book is that strategies should always factor in both advantages and disadvantages since their weaknesses shall aid in their improvement while their strengths shall foster their improvement.

            Information technology strategies can also borrow from the book in the fact that what spearheads intelligent leaders to triumph over others and realize unique success is foreknowledge. A good IT strategy shall accommodate the needs of clients, thus model its services to satisfy those needs. The best way to comprehend the client’s needs is to strategically understand them. Like the value chains key cost drivers, critical success factors of each client, opportunities and threats and loopholes for competitive advantage. This shall form a foundation for the development of a comprehensive IT strategy and incorporate emerging technologies which contribute directly to the establishment of the client’s competitive advantage.

Approaching the 21st century, IT shall take a preeminent position in business since global commerce and individual enterprises shall be centered on information technology. As indicated success in information technology first requires an efficient strategy. Every entity eying success should follow the timeless and superb advice of Sun Tzu as IT strategies look forward to take their rightful positions in life aspects.

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