Panic in Nairobi as a patient that tested positive for COVID 19 escapes and interacts with 85 others.


Scanty details emerging from the capital of Kenya indicates that a patient in isolation at the National quarantine facility Mbaghati escaped and interacted with 85 others. The lady has since been found and taken back to the isolation facility. Health personal and security authorities are in the process of identifying the persons that she interacted it for potential quarantine in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

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It remains unclear under what circumstances the lady left the facility, Kenya has so far done exceedingly well in curbing the spread of the virus. The Health Cabinet secretary and the President have provided daily timely updates on new cases of the virus as well as measures taken by government to curb the virus.

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On Sunday the president announced closure of schools and institutions of higher learning in an attempt to restrict movement of persons which is seen as an enabler of Coronavirus spread.
The East African country is set to have a National Prayer day on Saturday in order to seek divine intervention as the number of persons that tested positive reaches 7.

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