Mass Media Bias

Media biasness

It’s clear that indeed the media is biased on some instances. The manner in which they portray certain candidates during campaigns and formulate events in a manner that influence the way in which voters casts their votes. Reporting of events and issues surrounding those in power is also questionable, however much it is twisted as poor reporting it still yields to biasness making the media biased. The fact that journalists and editors have power in making decisions with regard to what is newsworthy, makes them biased, it is obvious that each person associates himself to ideas of certain public figures and if so editors would tend to air much of what is positive regarding those they support silently while airing much of the negatives for their opponents.

Public opinion

Newspaper editors and television editor owners to some extent manipulate the opinions of the public. The scenario of newspapers that are read in democratic areas focusing more on republican areas and visa versa obviously alters the opinions regarding on the mentioned personalities more so if such cases become rampant. Some media also focus much on scandals and if the sandals are much serious it is obvious that the public shall change their opinions regarding the subjects.

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Politicians and public figures also rely on the media to market themselves, and it is the decision of the different media to formulate the adverts and award them advert spaces and times. Media houses that aligned themselves with specific subjects will no doubt design well their adverts and award them more air time. If the public frequently read and hear some good or bad news regarding a subject, it is obvious that they shall change their opinions on the specific subjects.

 The power of the media is massive and far reaching. The efforts of the media on influencing public opinions often works with the truth as the public are much more likely to believe what is said. However, politicians also have their way of diffusing what comes out of the media by refuting them as basically opponent’s propaganda. This also counters what comes from media personalities.

The public are also drawn to judging subjects more by there actions rather than what the media propagates. Hence, in some cases, whatever biasness the media has it does little to alter what citizens have already decided. In the case of advertisements, it has some impact, there are citizens who are more likely to like someone because their adverts are stunning or hate them just because of the manner in which their adverts were made.

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Undemocratic in mass media’s efforts

It is undemocratic first for a media house to support or associate themselves to politics. The case of the star tribune newspaper endorsing an individual in politics is a bad show and a negative impact on democracy. Regardless of the manner in which information is given, this issue rules them out as most employees will somehow be affected on the way the vote due to the place of work attachment. Political decisions and thoughts are fundamental rights to citizens; hence trying to change this is undemocratic.

It is however not bad to give correct unbiased information to the people particular concerning political figures then from that they can choose what to think for themselves. This information must therefore be fair and proportionate; it should not focus only on pinning certain personalities while elevating others.

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