October 27, 2021


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Black Mamba kills a man in Baringo due to lack of Emergency Services.

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SNAKE COUNTY. Baringo County is currently the most dangerous place to stay in Kenya. This is because all dangerous snakes have migrated to this region.

Over 50 pythons have been reported seen in Mogotio and Marigat constituencies between 2019 Jan & 2020 March. The huge pythons with over 50kgs each have caused lots of losses to farmers by swallowing their goats, cows, chicken etc.

Black mambas are now the worry that is causing deaths in this county. Cobras also have dominated the area.

Baringo is the worlds second dangerous place after Australia. Now it is very unfortunate that Anti venom drugs are not availed in local dispensaries. Instead they can only be found within health centres including Kimalel, Kabartonjo, Ravine & Kabarnet.

Can the county come with a special team called Anti Snake Bite Squad who will be on call 24hrs to respond to snakebites. The team shall be training on day to day on drills to rescue victims of snake bite including in schools, farming, herding etc.. Can the county engage the use of Drones to facilitate Quick drug deliveries to such unreachable areas as Biretwonin etc.

If the Anti Snake Team will be formed, it will be of great importance so as to save lives as soon as a snake bites. The county should also procure a mobile phone & 4G enabled Simcard which will be Hotline for any snake bite reporting & rescue.

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Rip Mr Elijah. Who was killed by a black mamba

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