A Speech of how children should treat their parents


Respected parent’s teachers and my esteemed friends, a good morning to you all.

I am sure that each one of us seated here has parents, are you pleased that they are at all times willing and ready to assist you in times of troubles? Well whatever the nature of father and mother you have in this life time they shall remain your own parents as long as you live and we cannot change that fact. It is true that some parents are great while others are brutal and abusive to their children but then that does not give us a leeway to disrespect them due to their individual parenting styles weaknesses.

The greatest way of treating them right is through respecting them. Respect that even enables us to adhere to what they say as opposed to individual wishes or what our hearts desire. It is true that parents in some cases make mistakes but then that does not bring down their parent worth. However, much they do not please us in their character the fact remains that they are still our parents and teachings demands us to respect us.

The bad things they do in life should not blind us to disrespect them at any point within our lives. We should thing more about how we also would like to be respected by our own children when we get old and exercise that respect accordingly. We should not also answer them back wrongly or abusively regardless of the situation they put us into. Even if all indicates that they were on the offensive.

Through ignoring our hatred emotions towards our parents we will be advantaged in that we will not get into troubles or disrespect them often. When we children are still under our parents care, we have not alternative other than abiding by what they demand of us even if we intended otherwise.

The moment we move on to our on premises, then we have some freedom to do what we want but then we still are obliged to show them respect accordingly. In times where we do not agree with them, we should talk to them in some low tone regarding what we believe is the right thing as opposed to just yelling back at them then leaving.

A few teenagers are quite rebellious in situations where they do not seem to get what they wanted from their parents which is a bad behavior within ourselves. As a child, we should comprehensively scrutinize our situations as opposed to focusing on just satisfying own on demands.

We should also not be selfish to our parents since they did their best to act as good parents to us, if in our individual situation, we did not receive that kind treatment from them, and still we should not relent in dong good to them. We should be kind to them at all times since most of the activities they indulge in is for our benefit.

We might have contrary opinions but then the sacrifices they did when raising us as well as the gift of live cannot be traded for anything in this world. As a child we should not also demand so much from our parents. It is obvious that they do have limits on their abilities of providing us with what we need. Hence we should be hind, loving and respectful to our parents in spite of how hard it might be for us to do it.

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